How To Migrate Magento To Shopify Store Without Any Data Loss?


Published on September 13th, 2021

Modern business circumstances sooner or later set new conditions for increasing profits. Consumer preferences change and along with them the tools for attracting new and retaining regular customers are changing.

When an entrepreneur decides to expand the capabilities of his online store, this in most cases means moving to more modern and efficient platforms with new opportunities.

If you have worked on Magento and want to get the best experience with Shopify, simple site migration rules will be useful to you, which will make the transition comfortable and safe. For more information on this topic, see here.

Why Shopify is better than any analogues?

Shopify is a universal platform for designing internet sites for various purposes. But most of all, this service is suitable for the development of online stores, as it includes a modern set of tools for processing and organizing orders and payments.

It is a multi-level platform with many functions, template solutions and the ability to make a unique, personalized software product for building successful sales.

Why Shopify is better than any analogues

Simply put, if you need a blog or a business website with a list of services, Shopify has all the necessary settings, but all the benefits of the service can be “felt” only if your task is to create an online store.

What data can be exported to the Shopify platform?

The process of site migration itself is no different from the typical issues of export and import of digital data. It is necessary to adhere to standard safety rules and carefully prepare the files for export. You can export any information in text and graphic format:

  1. Products and product categories: product descriptions, images, visual fragments of the design of product cards with metadata.
  2. Visualization of goods.
  3. Identification data of orders. List of information for each sale: name, article, time of order, cost, delivery, etc.
  4. Personal data of registered users: contact information, payment methods, discounts provided, discounts.

What should be considered when migrating from Magento service to Shopify platform?

For a successful data transfer, you should carefully read the simple rules and properly prepare the XML files.
Setting up call forwarding. A 301 redirect is a guarantee of a high-quality transfer of SEO rankings to a new platform.

There is no need to remind you of the simple truth that you should make a backup before any large data export. Even beginners know it, and this is the basis for the safety of working with large amounts of information.

Before transferring, you need to create a backup copy of the site and check its functionality after exporting the data.

If the new copy works, you can start migrating to the new engine, if errors appear, you should find out the reason, sort it out and fix the problem. Experienced programmers never start a platform or CMS replacement without making sure the backup is working.

A special feature when transferring data to a new platform is the integration of organic traffic. That is, a visitor who for various reasons came to the old version of the page should be redirected to the page of the new site.

This is provided by a special 301 redirect script. Ultimately, the redirection will not allow you to lose customers and improve the ranking of the online store in search results.

Features of transferring graphic content

Graphic images from blogs, social networks, applications that are not in the site’s database must be moved manually or through automation tools to the new site.

New layout of text content should look better

The text content that was contained on the previous platform contains certain tags and program codes for the design. Therefore, before transferring, you need to double-check how the page will look on the new platform and correct possible errors.

These technical features of the transfer require preliminary testing and careful study of the features of the new platform. Our Shopify setup experts will help you get the transfer right and answer all your questions.