10 Facts About Slot Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

Blowing Your Mind with Facts About Slots

July 9th, 2019   |   Updated on August 6th, 2019

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy gambling and playing slot machines, having some interesting facts about these machines might help you in the future play with confidence. “Knowledge is Power”, therefore, having all the information about these “One Armed Bandits”, can help you make informed gaming decisions.

1. Blowing Your Mind with Facts About Slots

10 Facts About Slot Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

Having done the research, we have compiled a list of eight facts about slot machines that might surprise you. After that, maybe you would enjoy some games from where you can pay some of the best online slot games from Novomatic for free or for free money.

2. The First Slot Machine

The first slot machine was developed way back in 1895 by the man named Charles Fey. The symbols in the game included playing cards as well as a cracked bell which symbolized the Liberty Bell. This is the reason why many slot machines feature a bell as a special symbol.

When the slot machine was introduced in the UK, the pictures of fruits and candies were placed instead. Also, instead of money, actual products like fruits, candies, or gum were dispensed as winnings. For this reason, slots in the UK are more popularly referred to as fruit machines.

The other names for slot machines are One Armed Bandit, puggies, poker machines, or pokies.

3. Time on Device: The Longer the Better

Slot developers and online casinos want players to keep playing those slots; this is referred to as TOD or Time on Device. Therefore, the manufacturer’s goal is to create games that appeal to vast audiences and will keep them entertained of long periods of time and has gamers coming back to their favorite games. Casinos purchase and offer games on the playing floor where the TOD is high, so the “house” wins are also high.

4. High Payout Percentage

Casino and online slots rely on computers to generate random spins. Because the spin outcome and payout percentage are random, there is no specific day, time, or a number of spins that affect the percentage payout. What slot fans can do is determine which games have a higher RTP% with the hopes that over time, a particular slot will increase the player’s overall winnings from one particular machine.

5. Always On: Games Do Not Sleep

Games Do Not Sleep

Slot machines never sleep. Even when not being played, the machine is continually working and calculating random codes. Because the games are designed to be completely random, the computer behind real-life online casino slots is always working. Online machines and real-life machines have the same RTP%; the location of the game is not important since in both scenarios the payout is random.

6. Figuring out How Jackpots Work

Confused about how slot jackpots work? Most jackpot games have two different jackpots. The progressive jackpot grows with each spinning bet based on the percentage of bets and total money being risked. The progressive jackpot will continue to grow from player to player until it is won. A flat-top type of jackpots refers to the maximum amount a game will pay. Usually, flat top jackpots require a minimum amount to be bet before it gets randomly triggered.

7. Spinning Luck: Random Winnings

Some gamblers may lurk near certain slots as they have a feeling that it is about to get “hot”. On the other hand, they may also leave a machine on the basis that it is already “cold”. The truth is there are no hot and cold slots as the odds of winning independent and unpredictable in each spin.

To put it in better perspective, coin flips will give you a 1 in 2 or 50% chance of guessing what will turn up. If you flipped tails on your first toss, your second toss will still have a 50% chance of landing either face, and this will apply even if you toss the coin a thousand times. This applies also to slots. Any streaks that may happen whether on the losing or winning side can be attributed to either luck or coincidence but never to some mathematical formulation.

8. Slots Have Clear Odds

Slots Have Clear Odds

Serious gamers can research their favorite games because each game has a listed % of winning time called Return to Player (RTP). The higher is the RTP percentage, the more likely the game is to bring wins over some periods of time. Serious gamblers search for the slots with the lowest volatility and highest RTP % with the hopes of increasing their winnings.

9. Gambling Addiction Figures

Slots are the most addictive form of gambling. Slots players are up to 4x at risk of becoming a gambling addict. The games are designed to keep you playing; this mentality is what leads to addictive behavior. Casinos depend on slots for a large portion of their revenue; they install favorite games to increase playing time and the house winnings.

10. The Most Popular Games at Online Casinos

Slot machines developers have discovered that games with themes or are based on popular culture like TV shows, cartoons, or popular characters get more visitors and players. Therefore, so many of the slots themes are based on popular characters, games, TV shows, and movies. Pop Culture plays a great part in what games are being played. However, while certain games may have a higher RTP%, the popularity of the game has nothing to do with overall payouts. Every game has the same random chance of winning.

11. The Biggest in Slot Machines

Facts About Slot Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

The largest slot machine in the world is Slotzilla in Las Vegas. It stands 128 feet. However, this is not a functioning slot machine as it is more of a zip line attraction. For the largest mass-produced game, the Super Spin takes the cake. It is 30 feet in diameter and can accommodate up to 9 players at the same time.

A formidable runner up is Big Bertha which was built in the 50s. Big Bertha was over 7 feet tall and just as wide. It also had a five-horsepower motor that was used to spin the wheels instead of a lever.

12. Wrapping Up Slots Facts

With the improvement of technology, casino slots have continued to grow in popularity among gamblers. Prior to the 1990s, casinos relied on card and dice tables for the majority of “house takes”. Since then, the computer field has boomed, and one-time coin slots have been adjusted to be completely computer generated; bets and winnings are also computers generated.

In the new millennium, it is these computer-generated slots both real-life and online that have become the biggest generator of revenue for casinos. Having the proper knowledge about these games can help players relax and enjoy playing without fixating on beating a random system. Regardless of where you play, the way you play will be the same. Time on Machine plus RTP% is the only mathematical way to attempt at beating the odds. Hopefully, our list of incredible slot facts will improve your gaming experience.