The Best Online Slots For Avid Gamers

Avid Gamers

Published on May 13th, 2020

If you’ve already exhausted your Steam library or Xbox game catalog, you may be on the hunt for alternative gaming options from the ones listed here on

Gamers on the hunt for variety are increasingly turning toward the vast online casino industry, which offers online gaming options for every type of player.

They also don’t require high spec gaming PCs to run, which can cost a considerable amount, as mentioned here on, if you’re wanting a smooth experience on the most intensive games Far from following the simplistic “cherries, bells, and gold bars” format of days gone by, slots these days features thousands of different themes, intricate bonus structures, playable characters, 3D graphics, and more.

What’s more, many online slots are now free to play for all gamers, either as demo versions or via bonus schemes where players can play for real money without having to wager their own.

If you’re a gamer looking to make the switch to online slots, here are the very best ones on the internet right now.

1. Jurassic Park

If you’re a fan of the classic Jurassic Park arcade titles or some of the more recent JP console tie-ins such as Jurassic World Evolution, then the official licensed Jurassic Park slot title should be right up your street.

This 5-reel slot, which features at the very top of the rankings over at, incorporates all of the characters and aesthetics from the original Spielberg film, making this a guaranteed nostalgia-fest for gamers.

2. Game Of Thrones

Gamers the world over have been clamoring for a fully-fledged Game of Thrones video game ever since the series first aired back in 2011.

While we don’t have a console game just yet, fans can at least be assured that there is an officially licensed GoT slot game, which features the soundtrack and voice snippets from the original series, with the slot gameplay revolving around the symbols of the main houses of Westeros, including Lannister, Stark, and Baratheon.

3. Avalon

This medieval-themed game is a hugely popular classic with the slot playing community and is ideal for gamers who might be fans of similarly themed games such as Fable, Elder Scrolls, and Total War.

In this 5-reel slot game, you play a medieval warrior who is gifted a mysterious sword by the Lady of the Lake, with your mission being to pursue gold and riches in this Arthurian world.

There are also some unique bonus opportunities that come in the form of card games within the slot itself.

4. Starburst

Sometimes the most memorable games are the most simple ones. If you’re a fan of colorful mobile classics such as

Candy Crush, then the original Starburst slot title might be the right game for you. This game has been around for years, and many slot players would agree that it just gets better with age.

It’s a fast-paced slot featuring stars, jewels, and plenty of neon-drenched action. Truly a classic of the genre.

5. Pharoah’s Fortunes

If Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins ignited a love affair with Ancient Egypt, then your next port of call should be the official Pharoah’s Fortunes slot title, a 5-reel slot that incorporates all of the aesthetics of the time and place.

Curiously, this game also adds a dash of tongue-in-cheek humor, with the classic 1985 Bangles hit Walk Like An Egyptian playing softly in the background as you pull the slot lever to try and get lines of jewels, scarab beetles, and Egyptian gods.

6. Jack Hammer

Many of us enjoy video games that incorporate the stories and aesthetics of our favorite comic books, with The Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham Asylum featuring regularly in lists of the most widely-beloved games of all time, such as the definitive ranking over at

In a similar vein, the Jack Hammer slot game, which is available on PC, mobile, and tablet, takes all of our favorite comic books tropes and turns them into an interactive gaming experience.

You play, naturally, Detective Jack Hammer, and your goal is to line up the comic book panels on this 5-reel slot to progress in this thrilling story.

7. Gonzo’s Quest

Any fan of the Uncharted or Tomb Raider games will likely take a shining to the classic Gonzo’s Quest slot game, which revolves around the adventures of an old-school explorer navigating ancient Mayan ruins and civilizations.

The game also stands out from other slot titles in that it features sharp 3D graphics and a huge array of bonus multipliers.

These are the hottest slot games that any avid gamer should begin with.