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The Most Powerful Steroid Is DHB And Its Derivative Primobolan


March 6th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

DHB or dihydroboldenone is often confused with Methyl 1-test because of its pseudo-name 1-testosterone. But in reality, they are as different as EQ or Equipoise and Dianabol. Both have completely different effects and side effects.


1. Strength

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As far as strength and anabolic level of DHB is concerned, the steroid DHB is very strong, even stronger than what’s mentioned in theory, just like Primobolan which is a DHT derivative. In fact, it is a 5-alpha reduced boldenone due to which it got its name dihydroboldenone. As compared to testosterone, it is twice more anabolic, but somewhat less androgenic.

However, its strong effects cannot be actually judged by paper, due to which Primobolan is a more preferred choice for many. In addition to making you harder, it also delivers excessive strength that seems to be the DHT adaptation of EQ. Due to its high anabolic strength, it proves to deliver very strong effects without any significant side effects, just like Primobolan. It is helpful in managing SHGB without any after effects.

The terms anabolic and androgenic are different than what we use them for. We often use them to imply their practical application, rather than signifying their ratio on paper. Actually, DHT is a hormone that occurs naturally inside the body after conversion of testosterone. Testosterone converts into DHT and estrogen, just like some other steroids convert into DHB and DHT.

If you want to convert steroids into DHB without actually taking it directly, then Primobolan is the most preferred product derived from DHB. Many steroids derived from 5-alpha are either derived from DHB or they convert into DHB, due to which they deliver strong effects. It is twice stronger than Testosterone, but when you consider DHT, you should think about EQ. It is very effective, but extremely strong with its own ins and outs.


2. Reasons For Less Popularity Of DHB

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Some of the most popular steroids that are put on sale include Test, Deca, Equipoise, Anavar and Primobolan. People often come across them and believe that these are the only options they have to buy. But in reality, there are many other anabolic steroids that are not so popular. Since people have no information about them, they do not use them and such products do not have any demand in the market either.

For instance, MENT (Trestolone Acetate) is one of the most powerful steroids, but it is not popular because people don’t know about it. Similarly, DHB is also a nice steroid to try, but people don’t use it because they don’t know about it. Even if some people know about it, they don’t choose them and prefer to buy the most popular ones only.

People who try them, in reality, become aware of their effects and stick to them for good reasons. But most people do not prefer trying something new, and they always like to follow the trend. Many steroids that are popular in the market cause water retention, lead to strength gain and lead to many undesirable side effects.

They are cheap and effective, and designed for prescription only, due to which people often turn to them for maximum effects. Even though they have side effects, people think that they are tested and prefer them over others. The only thing that needs to be corrected is the thinking process of the users. Undoubtedly, DHB is a great steroid that is highly recommended by some experts.


3. DHB Helps In Building Muscle


Undoubtedly, DHB is a great steroid that builds your muscles without causing bloating. The reasons of DHB’s less popularity is the same reason for Primo’s less popularity as well. Why people often don’t prefer these steroids is because they do not show instant results.

When people take dbol, they accumulate 5 pounds of water in 2 days and get instant satisfaction of building muscle. However, with steroids like DHB and Primo, you build your muscle gradually over time. For instance, Winstrol is a very popular steroid that gives you a dry effect within a few uses and delivers instant results.


Without doubt, DHB and Primobolan are expensive than others, but they work in the same way. However, overweight people may not be able to see any good benefits with the use of these steroids. Since DHB is pure DHB, it has more strength than Primobolan.

But still, Primobolan effects are more desirable because of its working. On the other hand, DHB works faster, but probably not like Primobolan that spares protein. However, the effects with both are almost the same.

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