4 Most Easy To Use Guitars You Can Purchase To Level Up Your Skills

Banjo Versus Guitar

September 19th, 2019   |   Updated on October 9th, 2019

Guitar, an amalgam of melodious symphonies and tunes has been popular among the admirers for a very long time now. What was once a source of entertainment for the royalty and nobility of the classical days is now a hobby and a passion for many?

The world has given us amazing guitarists. From Frank Koonce to the amazing Jimi Hendrix, the people are turning more and more accustomed to the concept of playing the guitar. Initiated as an older version of a sitar, a guitar has now evolved into a lot of types.

1. Versatility In The Types

Just like the different genres of music, guitars have also evolved into different types like the acoustic ones for more classical and pop versions of music while the electric guitars focus on the more Rock and punk genres of music.

Despite their differences at an advanced level, they all have some basic features in common. If you are considering taking guitar classes or looking forward to opting for private guitar lessons in Atlanta, here are a few things that you need to know.

2. Overview Of The Structure

A guitar generally comprises of 6 strings, a body, a neck, and a headstock. A headstock is a part where strings of the guitar are connected with the adjustable tuners. The top side of the neck is called a fretboard or a fingerboard. It comprises of small ridges made of metal.

3. Adjustments

To produce music that does not rip off someone’s ears, guitars need to be tuned properly and the sound should be accurately on the pitch. The tuning machines on the headstock are responsible for adjusting the pitch of the guitar.

The metal ridges on the fretboard help the user to define notes individually. Striking the strings or plucking them causes vibration and this is how the sound it produces in the guitar. Even though it is entirely dependent on the type of guitar, the method through which the sound is produced is quite similar.

4. Important Guitar Accessories

Your First Acoustic Guitar -7

Even though a guitar is a complete instrument on its own and it might not require additional gadgets along with it. But, just like adding mobile gadgets add features and user-friendly experience for people, accessorizing the guitar also yields similar results.

Here are some of the most important guitar accessories:

  • Picks : The picks help in plucking the strings or strumming as the strings might look light to the person watching, the person playing the guitar can feel their intensity on their hands
  • Tuner : Tuner helps make sure that the strings are properly tuned to the most accurate sound pitch.
  • Strap: Use a strap to confine the guitar to your body and reduce its chances of falling over during your performance.
  • Guitar case : Protect your guitar when you don’t intend to use it with the help of a guitar case. The dust and moisture in the surroundings certainly have an impact on the guitar.
  • Additional Features : Electric guitar players will have to top up the list with an amplifier for sound modifications, and headphones so that the entire neighborhood does not wake up while you are practicing.

Best Guitars For Beginners Out There!

If you want to learn to play the guitar, you must start from the very basics. We are certainly not living in the era of Mozart when the people had to master all aspects of the guitar. Nowadays, even the most basic guitars help to produce music that is good to the ear and great on the pocket.

Here are some of the best guitars that beginners must consider to use before they can call themselves accomplished guitarists of a Jazz, pop, rock or any other music form.

Martin LX Little Martin ¾ Scale Acoustic Guitar

Being produced in the market for almost 2 centuries now, this guitar is considered as one of the best guitars for all the people out there. Little Martin, just like its name is, perfect for children and people who are short.

Despite the structure and easy usage, these are certainly one of the most professional guitars and we can definitely say in full confidence that Little Martin offers a small body with great sound. Also, the size makes it easier to carry around.

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ’50s

This is the first electric guitar with so many great features and the playable interface is so easy that the guitar is still used by many guitar fans out there. Presenting a true meaning of an electric guitar, the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ensures tuning quality and stability.

The tone controls and coil pickups also offer the users with a versatile variety of tunes that can be controlled easily.

The instrument has been serving the music industry for decades now and it simply adds more life to whether rock or pop genre of music.

Yamaha FG800 Folk Acoustic Guitar

The guitar offers soft tones and an amazing note definition that is priceless for the users. The guitar is composed of premium quality material that includes rosewood in the fretboard as well as the bridge.

Despite the looks, the guitar is known for its accessibility by every beginner out there and how it helps them control what they play. Yamaha has certainly done wonders in this regard.

Les Paul SL Epiphone

The Epiphone by Les Paul is certainly a great choice for beginners who just stepped in the world of electric guitars.

This lightweight guitar comprises of 2 single-coil pickups made of ceramics and they should be able to cover a defined variety of music genres while keeping the pocket under control. Several colors are available as well.

Conclusion – Basic is always a good idea!

If you are a music lover then you might wish to see yourself as the next Shawn Mendes or Miley Cyrus of Hollywood but before you jump to more complex versions of the instrument, it is necessary to practice and polish your skills on some of the most budget-friendly and easy to use guitars.

With the help of right instrument and quality public or private guitar lessons in Atlanta, you can certainly be the King or Queen of music in Atlanta!