5 Tips For Those Who Want To Try White River Rafting Colorado

River Rafting Colorado

Published on August 26th, 2019

When it comes to skier visits, nothing can beat Colorado. And when all these snow meltdowns, the state transforms into one of the best sites for white water rafting.

Statistically speaking, rafting contributes almost $200 million income to the state, with more than 600,000 visitors yearly.

Whether you’re on for a family-oriented or full-on fun white water rafting Colorado experience, here are some of the pro tips that will come in very handy as you start with your rafting adventure.

1. Be Clear With Your Abilities And Your Group’s Limitations

You’re going on a white water rafting Colorado fun experience, not on a suicide mission. This means you have to get down and real with your rafting abilities and the physical and mental limitations of your crew.

While white water rafting is generally safe for people of all ages, it won’t hurt to be cautious. You have to match the demands of the trip and the conditions of the external environment to the overall collective limits of your crew.

If you’re with people who can’t swim, it’s best to avoid high water rafting. Also, if a member of your crew has any health condition or if you’re rafting with kids, it’s not sensible to raft in high water.

2. Select The Best Season For Rafting

river rafter - River Rafting Colorado

If you want to try high water rafting, you should know that high water usually starts at the end of May and stays that way until June.

There are also some years wherein big flows still continue from June to July. Generally speaking, high water gives more excitement, but if you have kids between 6 to 12 years old, it’s best to go rafting in July or August.

3. Choose Proper Rafting Clothes

When you’re expecting a huge runoff, you have to prepare cold water gears like fleece, polypro, and wool socks.

While neoprene boots, splash jackets, and wet suits are usually provided in your tour package, it’s better to bring clothes that will serve as extra layers.

This will make you feel more comfortable even if you’ll be rafting on icy water. If it’s hot, it’ll be challenging to wear a wetsuit.

However, there will be instances, especially during summer, when wetsuits will be required on high water rafting.

4. Choose The Appropriate Rafting Trip For Your Crew

You have to choose the right rafting tour package for you and your group, especially during high water. While the minimum age varies in big flow rafting, your tour guides can adjust to accommodate your conditions.

For younger and less experienced rafters, rafting on the Bighorn Sheep and Rafting Browns Canyon will be ideal. Aside from these, Salida Town Run or Milk Run trips can also be added to the tour to accommodate timid rafters and younger kids.

5. Hire An Expert Whitewater Guide

Unless you’re already an expert and you can take care of your own crew, it’s still best to hire an expert boater that has all the necessary equipment. These people also know the water more than you do so they can keep you safe, and they can also teach you the essentials to keep your adventure safe and fun.

To help you plan your next white water rafting adventure, you can contact companies like Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours.

They have the right people, the right equipment, and the perfect itinerary for you and your crew. See you on your next adventure!