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Casino Gaming In The Digital Age: Staying Safe When Playing Online

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May 16th, 2019   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2019

Online casino and poker games can be quite appealing to serious gamers, especially if you’ve ever watched one of the many Twitch streamers who specialize in this arena.

If you’re curious about getting involved in iGaming, know that keeping your identity and your money safe should be paramount.

Any games that involve spending and winning real money do come with a certain amount of risk, but losing money due to your actions is a completely different thing to it being taken fraudulently by hackers or an unlicensed platform.

Playing casino games online is enjoyable, challenging and sometimes rewarding, but make sure to follow these tips so that nothing spoils your experience.


Website Security

Cyber Security

Before you even consider typing in your personal details and signing up for an account with an online casino, you need to make sure that they pass a few basic security checks.

Firstly, you should only play at a correctly licensed and reputable casino, which displays the details of its gaming license on its website.

Due to international gaming laws, some platforms can only operate within certain territories, but if they don’t have a license from a gambling authority, they’re not worth playing there.

Take notice of what experienced casino gamers have to say about their favorite platforms, as the gambling community is strong and quite knowledgeable, which will help you to weed out quickly which casinos have the best reputation.

The next thing will be to check that the casino website itself is secure and will protect your identity and financial information. In 2019, a casino worth playing in is one that has the latest SSL encryption technology in place. That keeps your information, such as your account password and personal details, safe and secure even in the event of a cyberattack.

For an extra layer of security online, some casino operators utilize RSA devices. These electronic devices or tokens generate a completely random, one-off code, which you need to input along with your password to access your account. Each time you log in, you’ll receive a new code, which is quite beneficial when it comes to cybersecurity since it can decrease the possibility of your account getting hacked.


Safe Payment Methods

Use safe payment options

Online casino platforms that have passed the website security check will only accept trusted payment methods, but the responsibility is also on yourself to keep your money safe.

When you’re checking out the casino website, look out for established payment networks, such as PayPal, VISA and Mastercard. Although many seasoned players prefer to make deposits and withdrawals using their debit cards, eWallets like NETELLER and Skrill can sometimes add another layer of security.

Although you can link them to your cards and bank accounts, they are separate entities, and you have to add an account balance first before you can make payments with them.

There’s a lot of discussion within the industry right now about the impact of cryptocurrencies on casino gaming online, especially as a payment method. The security benefits of decentralized currencies are undeniable. However, at present, only a limited number of full-scale casinos accept cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. and will state this on their websites.


Money Management

Tips To Save Money On Your Manufacturing_1

Now that we’ve got the fundamentals covered, we can talk a little bit more about money management and protecting your finances when you’re playing in your chosen casino.

  • Bonuses: Although all bonuses or promotions are not equal, bonus offers like free spins on slot games are undeniably beneficial, but ensure you only signup for offers from reputable platforms. No matter how good the offer itself seems, it’s not worth the extra risks involved with playing in unlicensed casinos.
  • Personal ID: It can be a bit of a pain to have to prove who you are when you’re on your computer, but being asked for ID from your chosen casino platform is a good thing. A casino that operates above board will always ask for a valid form of identification before you can make your first deposit or withdrawal. It’s a critical security step, so if it doesn’t happen, delete your account and find another casino to play.
  • Bankroll Management: Though it may be the last topic that we’ll cover today, it’s a topic that is crucial, and advice that you should take heed. Your bankroll is the amount of money that is in your casino account, and it should always be at a level that you can afford to spend. Give yourself a limit, whether that’s daily or weekly, and stick to it. Once you start winning bigger prizes, you can enter games that have bigger wagers but to start with, keep things to a minimum and enjoy the immersive interactive experience of playing casino games online.