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Top 5 T20 Records Which Are The Blast For Cricket History

Top 5 T20 Records

August 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on March 19th, 2024

There are many ways to keep yourself entertained, like watching sports, playing, watching TV, online games and many more. We love to watch sports, as it gives thrills and goosebumps.

Cricket is one of those sports which is widely famous for its thrills. As national games of England, cricket comes many ways long. But instead of remarkable in English countries, it is commonly adopted in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and much more.

There are three formats in international cricket, and ICC, the head of world cricket organise all. T20 world and ODI world cup are the best formats to watch. But some people love authentic cricket, which is Test.

Keeping all aside, T20 is a new format of cricket which is widely adopted for its instant result and fast setup. Not only internationally, but there are also many super leagues are organised.

Like Big Bash League, IPL and many more. Some players break all the stereotypes of cricket and make massive runs and hit numerous sixes.

Let’s talk more about the records in T20, which are the blast for T20 cricket history.

1. Highest Run Scorer In International T20

If we keep an eye on the highest run-scorer in international cricket, then it’s Brendon McCullum. He is the former captain of Kiwi team.

Played some fantastic knocks to have a humongous record on his name. He played 70 innings with 71 matches and scored 2140, with a strike rate of 140+.

This data is captured in early 2018. This was also a match that gained a huge interest in betting community and saw millions of dollars put into the market.

2. Maximum Runs In A T20 Match

While players are struggling to get centuries in ODI format of cricket, AJ Finch scored a vast number of runs in T20 International cricket alone.

He smashed 172 runs with just 76 balls. On those 172 runs, he broke 16 4s and ten 6s. His strike rate was 225+ in that match. No need to say that he is one of the best player Kangaroos have.

3. Fastest T20 International Century

This record is joint holder by David Miller and Rohit Sharma. David Miller is a South African player scored a century versus Bangladesh with just 35 balls.

Now let’s talk about Rohit Sharma, the gig from India, who smashed three double century in ODI cricket, hit a century in Indore versus Sri Lanka with just 35 balls.

Rohit Sharma has many records in his name and has a golden career after started playing International for Indian Cricket Team.

4. Híghest Sixes in T20 International Career

No one can forget the innings played by Universal Boss CH Gayle. However, Rohit Sharma the champ of Indian batting line up cracked the record holder by CH Gayle.

He smashed 107 sixes in his T20 career — no spare to any bowlers. He made this record on his last match played with the Caribbean Army.

5. Best Bowling Figure in T20 International

Not only the batting, but a match is also won by complete performance. When it comes to the best bowling figure Sri Lankan bowler, Ajantha Mendis has a splendid record in his name.

He bowled four overs versus Zimbabwe and took six wickets. Just spared eight runs and two mdns included.