How Technology Can Change Your Lifestyle

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October 26th, 2020   |   Updated on November 8th, 2020

According to 4besnews, a study shows that people use the Internet an average of 114 minutes a day in 2017! Letters or direct contact are also no longer necessary if you have WhatsApp on your smartphone. This app allows you to write to friends, acquaintances or family members – without much effort – because writing letters or asking someone questions in person is far too time-consuming.

The technology has developed step by step in the last few years: e.g. kitchen appliances, lamps, telephones or computers. We can find technical devices almost everywhere in our area. They try to simplify our everyday life as much as possible – for example, making coffee is very, very simple these days: We select our hot drink on a machine based on strength, grinding degree, milk and coffee additives and press a button.

In the past, the coffee first had to be ground in a coffee grinder and then poured over with water boiled in a pot. Our everyday life could hardly function without technology because we have simply got used to these technical advances. You don’t even have to read books that are so big to get information.

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Facts and figures stated by F9 news tell us that approx. 1.3 billion people are registered with what’s app and 330 million people use it every day. Psychologists claim that at some point the social contact will be even lower and the youth will only communicate with WhatsApp.

There are over thousands of websites on the Internet these days where information can be obtained by simply entering terms in the search bar. So today it is much more convenient to “look up” things online, but it makes us dependent: Many people can no

longer answer questions without the Internet because they rely on it.

In their opinion, you don’t need to learn anything or remember anything if you have a cell phone or PC close at hand. Google already knows that! An older passer-by said to me: “You will still see what it means to be dependent on technology. When the going gets tough and they don’t have any money, these people are helpless and cannot help themselves. “This man isn’t so wrong, but we shouldn’t get so upset about technology, because it helps us enormously and this cannot be denied.

There is almost no people who does not use it. Many people immediately associate PCs, cell phones or game consoles with technology, but there is also simple technology that really made things easier when it was introduced: clocks, telephones, kitchen appliances, lamps, televisions.

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Hand-made things are inferior in design and technology today and they are significantly more expensive because they cannot be produced in such high quantities. Machines are indispensable in the f9news production of clothes, ready-made meals or cars.

In addition, cars nowadays contain technical devices such as telephones, radios, CD players or new satnavs that are used automatically without thinking that these things are technical devices. That’s why they’re wrong

People who say you don’t need all the technology. That shows that technology has already taken over our everyday lives – we just don’t even notice it!

But there are also technical devices such as game consoles that completely take up the young people’s everyday lives. These devices make you addicted very, very quickly and have an enormous effect on our ability to concentrate.

In adolescents this is even more dramatic than in adults, because adolescents are still developing. The problem is that many young people do not even notice how much space and time the technology takes up in their day. The result is that they completely neglect other things like school, sports and social contacts.

Cell phones are probably the best example of the rapid change in technology: Today, you can not only talk to someone on cell phones, but also talk to the cell phone itself. You give him orders which it then carries out immediately, or you ask him questions to which it knows an answer.

Even if the cell phones are getting smaller and smaller, the technology is getting better and better, how does something like that work is the question, but of course the companies are silent where they can. Cell phones are also becoming more and more expensive, they cost around 1000 euros, which is a chunk of money, but does a person need such an expensive cell phone with such functions?

Not really – but the desire to have the latest technology too is very big in humans. The companies cleverly exploit this to sell their devices. That’s why you can say what you want, the companies trick us very cleverly, which means they earn billions of euros a year. For this reason, this industry is growing very fast at the moment, because almost everyone wants the latest technology. … And when something is old, you just buy a
new device.