3 Top Online Roulette Strategies


January 13th, 2020   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

As the online gambling industry continues to grow, more and more players are discovering the joys of online roulette. Besides from presenting an opportunity to win some serious cash, online roulette provides a thrill unlike any other for players of all levels. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, then why not try out some online roulette games.

Naturally, the growth of online roulette has led to the emergence of some effective playing strategies designed to enhance the likelihood of winning. From the classic Martingale roulette strategy to new theories, there is a wide variety of online roulette strategies to try for players of all levels.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our selection of the three top online roulette strategies…

1. The Top 3 Roulette Strategies

The history of online roulette strategies begins with the Martingale, one of the oldest of all casino gaming strategies. The Martingale strategy is simple and works by doubling your bet each time you lose. The idea is that eventually you are sure to win and recoup any lost bets. Of course, some casinos have a limit on the amount players can bet per spin, so the Martingale is by no means foolproof.

Next, the Double Up online roulette strategy encourages players to double their stake each time they win. This looks to capitalise upon and maximise any potential winnings. When players lose, according to the Double Up strategy, they should stay at their original stake to minimise losses.

Finally, the D’Alembert strategy in online roulette is one of the more modern and interesting strategies currently gaining in popularity. This idea is simple and states that when a player loses, they should bet more on the next play and, similarly, if they win, they should bet less on the next play. The D’Alembert strategy relies on the principle that the chances of winning or losing in roulette alter significantly in relation to the previous roll.

2. The Odds When Using Strategies

Naturally, players employing the above strategies in online poker should remain aware at all times that this is a game in which the house will always win more times than not. The use of one of these three strategies is designed to increase the odds of winning and by no means guarantee success. Each spin is unique and the result will not affect that of any other. With a random game like roulette, the odds are always stacked against the punter.

3. Discipline When Using Strategies Online

If players experience some success with online roulette strategies, it pays to remain disciplined going forward, remembering that in the long term, the house is always likely to come out on top. As a result, players should always stay disciplined when using strategies and not spend recklessly or attempt to recoup money by spending more than they can afford.

All in all, the top 3 online roulette strategies can help to increase a player’s chances of winning through manipulating rules around chance and probability. With that being said, players should stay aware that each spin is different from the last and the next, so it is always difficult to beat the odds regardless of strategy.