Top 7 Spying Apps You Can Get On Your Android

Spying Apps

July 25th, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2021

In today’s times’ parents and kids have a very limited interaction which means that they never know what is happening in their child’s life.

Whether it is your teenage child or your cheating spouse a spying app comes handy in knowing what they have been up to lately.

Often this helps as you get a chance to find out if any mischief is being planned and thus you can thwart the attempt in the beginning stages itself.

Though there are multiple spying apps available in the play store there are only a couple of them which are actually reliable.

Here is our pick of the top 7 spying apps you must choose from.

1. Android Phone Spying ( Mspy, Mobile Spy And Spy Bubble )

Spying Apps You Can Get On Your Android

A combination of three awesome apps this should be your choice if you want complete peace of mind.

Having multiple features each one of these apps takes the job of spying rather seriously. Installed on the target device the spy app runs stealthily in the mobile and the other person is not informed about its presence.

From tracking GPS location to accessing call logs, instant messengers, WhatsApp this app caters to many categories.

It would not monitor other apps running on the mobile and not block any of them too. The best part if you want you can disable some features that you may not be using and that too just at a click.

2. Xnspy

Xnspy is an advanced mobile spy tool that works even with the devices running the latest Android OS. This spy app is easy to install and offers a user-friendly interface. The app doesn’t require the user to have a tech background or some advanced skills.

Xnspy offers a great mixture of basic and advanced spying tools. When it comes to basic features, the app gives the user access to text messages, call logs, emails, and location history. However, the advanced spy features include ambient recording, call recording, social media monitoring, and geofencing. Besides, you can add suspicious words, contacts, and locations to get notified about them via email.

So basically, the user can get a handful of spy features by subscribing to the Xnspy Android spy app. Plus, the app offers competitive pricing, and you can get the app for as low as $4.99 a month.

3. Cerebrus

This actually is a phone tracker app to be true. You can use the same if you seem to have lost your smartphone.

In case your mobile has been stolen you can hope to get the pic of the thief, SMS commands, finding a phone on a map, and locking and wiping of the data stored.

So ethically this one is not a spy app is such as it only deals with providing you details of your lost mobile. Its subscription starts at $5 per year and can go up to $43 with additional features.

4. Flexi Spy

Flexi spy is considered to be one of the very crucial apps available in this category. It would give you permission to do things that others may not permit.

You can turn on the microphone to listen to what is happening, use capture camera remotely, keep an eye on the chat apps, and in the end stay hidden from the apps drawer and the antivirus apps available.

However, the app is extremely high though it matches up to the benefits and features that you receive.

5. Find My Device

Find My Device

Again this app is purely to trace where your lost mobile is. Coming from Google’s stable you can easily find out the location on Google maps.

However here you cannot take any picture which is a disadvantage that you face. But it remains an easy method to keep track hence there is no harm in keeping it in your mobile.

6. Kiddie Parental Control

Kiddie Parental Control

This app is to be used in cases where the kids need to be kept an eye upon. It is a fairly new app bit the benefits you receive have been in demand for quite some time.

Some of its best features include monitoring calls, blocking any app installs, filters for sensitive content, limiting call duration and tracking the network activities of your kid’s device.

Available on a subscription service the app is a good deal to consider.

7. Spyera


Another free app the Spyera has a lot of features for parents who wish to control their children. However, if you go for its entire features than that cost a whole lot of money.

But, it provides some very interesting features like SMS spoofing, ability to hide self from the world and remote control support.

The app is not available on Google Play and if required you would have to download from the website itself.


The above-mentioned apps are useful when you need to spy on anyone. You can go through their amazing features and figure out which one is the best choice to make.

Since they run inside the mobile without the other person knowing you can download them on your children’s mobile and stop worrying about their whereabouts.

Since some of them are high priced keep their usability in mind before deciding which app would be suitable for your task.