Trump’s Idea To Be First Casino Owner In Sydney Was Rejected Due To Unreliable Connections


December 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

What could be the secret of Australia’s success in the gambling industry? There are many known facts and tips on how Australian authorities gave a rapid growth to the gaming industry, but some unknown facts may be a game-changer when it comes to decisions.

Trump Had To Be The First Casino Owner In Sydney

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In the late 80s, Donald Trump was already known as a young gambling billionaire. Donald was in love with building hotel-casinos in the USA.

Current USA president was previously the owner of the biggest gambling operator in Atlantic City and had the ambition to make empire bigger.

Back then, Australia had the hottest start in the gambling world. Country officials decided to enable the Casino sector in-country and get better economic growth.

Australian officials agreed to have gambling operators in every part of the country. Licenses would be given not only to casinos but also poker, betting, and slot operators.

Country officials knew that pokies Australia would be another hit as tourists were in love with slots and the same type of platforms. That’s how tourists or citizens could enjoy their gambling habits not only in a particular area of the country but also in major cities.

Trump’s Bid Of Sydney’s First Casino Hotel

Donald was eager to be the first in Australia. He was smart enough to understand that the country’s progressive government would give a perfect future to the gambling sector.

Trump’s bid was rejected, but the actual reason was not known until now. A secret police report from 1987 has interesting facts about Donald Trump. As it seems, country officials were terrified of Trump’s mafia connections.

Back then, Australian officials decided to reject three bidders from building first Sydney Casino.

A team choosing the right candidate has hidden the official reason of rejection. Country authorities noted that reasons were related to a commercial secret, so it was a subject of a governmental secret.

Police Reports From 1987

After a rule of 30 years, an official secret document is accessible to Australian citizens from 2017. The most exciting thing about rejection is the connection of Donald with Italy and US mob members.

Australian police reports claim that Trump’s Atlantic City could be a perfect model for Sydney, but Trump had dangerous connections with the Mafia.

Police representatives contended that Trump was a very dangerous person in the eyes of Aussies, and his consortium had to be rejected.

Australian officials decided to reject Trump’s consortium and continue working with other candidates. As it seems, Australian authorities were right from a historical standpoint.

The country has the most prominent casino industry for now, and they have built it without Donald Trump.