5 Types Of Labels That Your Kids Will Love

5 Types Of Labels That Your Kids Will Love

Published on April 2nd, 2020

Smart tags help you keep track of your child’s everyday gear. Any article that your kid wears or carries along, especially when out, needs labeling to prevent mix-ups.

These include items taken to school, playdates, sleepovers, or used while indulging in sports or camping activities.

Labels for kids are designed, keeping in mind the preferences of the youngest generation. Every child is unique, and especially today, they have strong likes and dislikes.

These labels ensure your child does not misplace expensive items presented to them by you.

Inculcate a sense of ownership with these five types of labels that your child is bound to love:

1. Favorite Stuffed Animal

Favorite Stuffed Animal

Labeling your little one’s clothes and belongings with a sticker featuring their favorite stuffed animal they cannot live without, will make their day.

Seeing their names boldly written alongside their pet toy on each article they own pleases them no end.

It grabs their attention and makes them conscious about checking the name tag before claiming that something belongs to them rather than their sibling or friend.

2. Uniquely Shaped Patterns

The label itself can be cut out in the shape of your child’s most loved thing. It could be a mode of transport, an animal, a cartoon, a superhero, or a fairy tale character.

Not only will such unique patterns draw attention, but they will also be hard to miss.

The selected design can be colored in your kid’s favorite color, and you can write the name in another bright shade of their choice.

3. Most Tempting Treat

A Frozen Mango Treat

Meal labels for kids used for lunch boxes can be designed with a graphic that represents your kid’s favorite food.

From snacks, fruits, ice-creams, chocolates, to burgers, pizzas, and beverages, the choice is endless.

Looking at the label itself will tempt them to open up their food containers and dig right in.

Even those children who are fussy when it comes to food will not need much coaxing to finish their packed food.

4. Foot On Display

For shoe labels, a cut out of a foot complete with five toes to fix on the inner part of their footwear is an attractive plan. Young ones typically are confused about which pair belongs to which foot.

Shoe stickers are shaped to help your youngster figure out which shoe has to be worn on the left and which one on the right foot. As you can see, this label serves as a handy educational tool for your kids.

5. Fun Depiction Of Existing Allergies

Fun Depiction Of Existing Allergies

From the time your kids begin comprehending information, you must educate the allergic ones about what they must not consume.

They may not be open about willingly sharing such details with elders who take charge of them in your absence.

Yet, such facts are vital, or else your child will break out into allergies more often. Coming to your rescue are cool labels designed to get the intended message across.

Herein, the actual allergies are depicted in a cartoonish pictorial form apart from being legibly highlighted below the image.

Choose label patterns that catch your kid’s fancy, get them all excited, and make them display their customized labels with pride.