How To Use A Money Clip Wallet

Money Clip

Published on July 1st, 2019

You might be tired of carrying the lumpy purse or wallet full of cards that you rarely use in a year. The good news is that you do not have to carry them anymore because the market offers elegant money clip wallets such as the Kinzd money clip wallet.

The accessory can tuck into your shirt or coat pocket or in the side pocket of your trousers. The wallets have a slender design, they are easier to use and have a sense of style that makes them a perfect choice for people who like moving with currency.

So, How Should You Use One?

Money clip wallets are compact slim and minimalistic alternatives to the traditional bifold wallets. Generally, manufacturers use carbon fibre, metal or similar resilient materials to make them. To ensure that the clip presses properly on the cards and money, the wallets feature magnets. Here is how to use one.

1. Start By Learning The Basics

Use A Money Clip Wallet

To use a money clip wallet properly, you have to understand how it works. The wallet has two main parts – the main body and the prong. Together, the two parts form the clip. Some of the wallets will also feature one or several pockets. Alternatively, some manufacturers include an elastic band. If you choose a money clip wallet boasting pockets, elastic band or slots, you can use them to hold the cards and reserve the clip for bills.

2. Organize The Cards And Bills

Now, take the bills and make a small stack. It is always good you place all the small bills on top of the bigger ones. By doing that, you will have an easier time when pulling out small bills that you need for daily purchases. After making the stack, fold it in half.

3. Slide The Stack In Your Money Clip

It is now the time to slide the folded stack of bills into your clip. But doing that, you have to think of what you will do with the cards. If the money clip does not feature an elastic band or an extra pocket for the cards, you will have to place them at the centre of your folded stack. After that, place the stack in your wallet and secure it with the clip.

4. Choose A Secure Pocket

Choosing a pocket for the money clip wallet might sound easy, but it is not the case. Each pocket comes with its benefits and drawbacks. However, you have to consider all your needs when choosing a pocket.

5. Pull Out The Card Or Money You Need

Money Clip

You will need some practice to start sliding out a single bill at a time out of the money clip. But until you are comfortable doing that, you can take out the wallet and select a specific card or bill.

Switching from a traditional bi-fold wallet to an elegant money clip wallet

6. Get Rid Of The Unnecessary Stuff

Money clips hold only a few cards and documents than the traditional wallets. Put differently, you will have to get rid of some documents and cards during the transition. The process should not sound bad because it will help you keep only the important items.

7. Choose The Important Documents And Cards

As I have stated, a money clip wallet is minimalistic. Therefore, you cannot carry all your documents and cards. You have to choose only the important ones and leave the rest at home or in your office. Optimally, you have to carry a single ID, the primary credit/debit card and the driver’s license.

8. Decide On The Bills To Carry

Carrying your cash in one money clip wallet is not a good idea. You will have to stick to around 8-15 bills in a day. It is also good you try to have bills of every denomination. Find the best wallet on Carrywallet, and remember to place $1 bills in the money clip throughout the day.


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