Is It Possible To Fall In Love With Your Office Job?


May 26th, 2019   |   Updated on May 29th, 2019

An average person spends around 13 years and two months without breaks at the workplace in their lifetime. Some people see their colleagues more often than their friends and family members. The worse thing is that a lot of people dislike their 9 to 5 jobs. It looks like a stable and safe option, but 85% of employees are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces, according to a massive report released by Gallup.

Not everyone has offices in central London with a beautiful garden on the roof and a great restaurant around the corner. Some people still work in a cubicle, eat their lunch in front of their computers and don’t go outside during work hours. No wonder, so many people don’t tolerate working in the office. When an employee feels miserable at the workplace, it affects their personal life and the company business.

Changing the whole situation should be in the best interest of both employers and employees. People who love their jobs are more satisfied with their lives, and they don’t have the intention to quit. More than that, they are more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty.

There are ways that can help you fall in love with your office job, or, at least, not to hate it so much. These tips will also be useful for managers and employers. Let’s not forget that happy employees are more productive and creative.

1. Set Up Goals

Not every office job can offer promotion. Some people have the same job titles and salary for many years. For instance, it is the case for most customer service representatives. Have you ever heard of them getting promoted? Employers only want to get everything done. It is the employees’ responsibility to develop their talents and aim high.

Even if you don’t see ways of advancing your career in this company, make a list of things that you have learned in this position. Once you know what your skills are, you will also be able to determine your gaps in knowledge. Read additional professional literature and create a vision of the career you want. Don’t go with the flow. You spend so much time sitting on your chair, so why not make it a great experience that will benefit you in the future?

2. Keep Yourself Busy

Let’s admit it, a lot of people avoid ‘working at work’. There is one Soviet joke that can exemplify the whole situation:

‘They pretend to pay us. We pretend to work.’ Is it your case? According to the psychologist Douglas LaBier, workplace boredom can be as stressful as overwork. When employees are engaged in the process, time goes faster for them, and they are more satisfied with their work.

It doesn’t mean, the team manager should make the same schedule for everyone, and angrily control how people stick to the plan. Instead of this, the employer should encourage people to create To Do lists for the day.

Employees should be able to take breaks when they feel like it because everyone has their own internal schedule. Even if you work as a customer service representative, try to keep track of all emails and calls. Once again, don’t go with the flow.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

healthy weight

You can complain that you don’t have time to cook in the evening. And yes, you can eat fast food for lunch every day. Or, you can actually take care of your health because it directly influences your mood and productivity. Good nutrition is especially important in the case you spend most of the day at your desk.

Also, try to take a break to go for a short walk in the middle of the day. Let’s not forget that humans didn’t evolve to sit for eight hours continuously. If you have working meetings in your schedule, you can have them outside. It can help boost your creativity and give you energy. If you can work remotely at least two days per month, do not hesitate to take this opportunity.

4. Small Talk

Usually, we can’t choose people that we work with; our boss does it for us. How many times were you irritated by your coworkers? And the worse is that you need to see them five days a week. However, you should focus on people you can tolerate. Maybe they will not become your friends, but you need to do your best to find common ground. There should be things you can agree on. The small talk in the kitchen is very important since work relationships are tied to employee satisfaction. You can also celebrate birthdays together at work and do team building activities.

5. Decorate Your Desk At Work

You should feel comfortable in your workplace. It doesn’t mean you can bring your pillow and blanket but having a few personal items on your desk is necessary. It should be something that makes you happy – picture of your family, vacation postcard, headphones, a healthy snack or hand sanitizer (keyboards are very dirty!). You can also bring a plant such as mini succulent, potted pen stand or colour orchids.

According to a study conducted by State Street Global Advisors, 60% of millennials have changed jobs between one and four times in the last five years. Most of them just didn’t feel good about themselves working in the office. Are you looking for a fulfilling job? It might take a long time, but you can always try to find meaning and pleasure in your current work.