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What Happened To This Artist After Spending A Week Inside A Gap Carved In His Shape

A Week Inside A Gap Carved

Published on March 15th, 2017

A French artist emerged stunned from a week entombed inside a 12-tonne boulder and thanked it for having made him feel so welcome. Abraham Poincheval, had carved out a hole inside the rock in the shape of his body, just big enough for him to sit up in, with a space to hold supplies of water, soup and dried meat.

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He had difficulty walking as he was helped from the stone onto a chair before being taken away for a medical examination, but managed to show his appreciation for the place he had called home for seven days.

Poincheval’s extreme performance entitled Pierre in a Paris art museum had become a sensation in the French capital.Crowds thronged the Palais de Tokyo to watch him inside using an infra-red camera. Hundreds tried to talk to him through a crack in the rock, with the artist saying that some had read him poetry, played guitar or told him about their dreams and nightmares.

He has crossed the Alps in a barrel, and last year spent a week on top of a 20-metre (65-foot) pole outside a Paris train station.The artist also spent 20 days underground as a human mole, lived like a Stone Age man and had himself walled into a cave for a night with hundreds of mosquitos.

The stone in which French artist Abraham Poincheval was trapped inside for seven days

French artist Abraham Poincheval prepares to get out of a 12-tonne boulder in Paris


French performance artist Abraham Poincheval (centre) is helped by medical staff

French artist Abraham Poincheval speaks to the press after emerging from the 12-tonne rock

Eveline Poincheval, the mother the French artist, talks to her son though a crack in the rock


Fans and media take pictures of the hole carved out by Poincheval where he lived for a week

Abraham Poincheval, who is renowned for his wacky endurance tests, leaves the rock

A woman peers through the crack of the rock when Poincheval was inside at the Paris gallery

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