40 Most Aspired Celebrities In The World You Should Probably Know

Most Aspired Celebrities

November 26th, 2017   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

All time most popular celebrities who are popular all around the world, not just in their own country. This list includes 40 most aspired celebrities in the world.

1. It’s that ridiculous pout that endears us to Keira. And the fact that she earned about a squillion pounds to snog Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. She got PAID to snog Johnny Depp.

Keira Knightley

2. Coleen seems like a lovely lass and she’s always dealt with any scandals involving Wayne – and there have been a lot – with dignity. We don’t know whether we would have stuck with him, but she has and she’s done it with style

Coleen Rooney


3. Amelia Lily replaced Frankie Cocozza in The X Factor in 2011 and made the judges feel a little embarrassed that she wasn’t there in the first place. We like her style.

Amelia Lily


4. The co-host of Countdown, Rachel Riley was always going to have a hard time persuading the Vorderman die-hards that she was worth a punt. Her skimpy dresses and Carol-worthy arithmetic have won over all the doubters.

 Rachel Riley

5.  Lydia Bright has emerged from The Only Way Is Essex as a style icon – no mean feat. She also dealt with her break-up from Arg without throwing a tray of drinks in his face in Sugar Hut. Again, no mean feat.

Lydia Bright


6. Sarah Michelle Gellar will forever be Buffy to us. And we shall forever wish to be Buffy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

7. The star of The Hills and The City, Whitney Port is stylish, ambitious and gorgeous.

Whitney Port

8. TAll celebrities are small (well, all of them apart from Sophie Dahl), but Hayden Panettiere is absolutely miniscule. Like a tiny perfect doll.

Hayden Panettiere


9. Ooh, the first entrant from telly style bible Mad Men. Alison Brie’s character Trudy Campbell is deceptively hot underneath all the whimpering. And Alison’s surname is our favorite cheese.


Alison Brie


10. Jennifer Lawrence got the role of a lifetime playing Katniss in The Hunger Games and completely nailed it, meaning we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her. Which is nice.

Jennifer Lawrence

11. Great name, great face, great actress – Cobie Smulders has a million movies lined up so you’ll be seeing a lot more of her over the next couple of years.

Cobie Smulders


12. Morgana’s Natalie Cassidy impression (“I’m just hosing the bins down”) made tea come out of our nose.



13. She’s hot and can sing and dance, but we mostly fancy Nicole Scherzinger because her name is pun-tastic. Shirt-swinger is our personal fave.

Nicole Scherzinger


14. Taylor Swift made slagging off your famous exes in crooning country ditties cool. And earned a bucket full of cash doing it.

Taylor Swift


15. We love Isla Fisher for being in Home and Away for YONKS, being really funny and marrying Sascha Baron Cohen. And for being one of the hottest gingers on the planet.

Isla Fetcher

16. Dianna Agron: the Glee star is pretty, approachable and can dance and hold a tune – which is more than enough to get her onto our list

Dianna Agron


17. Prince Harry’s ex, Florence Brudenell Bruce, is not only eye-wateringly rich, but also models lingerie. Respect.

Florence Brudenell bruce


18. Beautiful and the definition of ‘chic’, we’d never want to be standing next to Kate Bosworth within a 10 mile radius of a camera.

Kate Bosworth

19. Undies model Irina Shayk is sex on very long legs. And the person getting to do the sexing? Footie star Ronaldo.

Irina Shayk


20. If we were asked to draw a woman all teenage boys would fancy we’d base our stick scrawl on Scarlett Johansson.



21. We love Rose Byrne for Troy, Bridesmaids and Damages. You can love her for this dress alone though and we won’t judge you.

Rose Byrne


22. A Brit who moved to Australia when she was a nipper – Naomi Watts is currently filming her new role as Princess Diana and we can’t think of anyone better to play her.

Naomi Watts

23. The original (and best) ‘curvy’ Brazillian supermodel, Gisele made it acceptable for models to have boobs.



24. We like Miley Cyrus for many reasons. She does a million pilates lessons a day and looks HOT. She’s engaged to her sexy boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She’s an outspoken supporter of gay marriage.

Miley Cyrus


25. Proving hot women can be funny, Anna Faris is gradually elbowing her way into the Hollywood leading lady league.

Anna Faris

26. Blake Lively has a cartoon-perfect figure and is dating Ryan Reynolds. She’s also got one of the best wardrobes in Hollywood.

Blake Lively

27. Selena Gomez is all grown up. She’s no longer the winky Disney star who had never so much as sniffed tobacco, let alone chugged on a fag. Now she’s playing bad girls in films and snogging Justin Bieber. And we like it.

Selena Gomez


28.  J-Lo just gets better with age. Like cheese, wine, and money.

Jennifer Lopez


29. Rihanna. Sigh. What can we say about one of the most interesting/scary/intimidating/beautiful/sexy/powerful women in pop? Just this: HOT.

Rihanna Aspired Celebrities

30. Megan Fox looks like an approachable version of Angelina Jolie. Like she really could work as a sexy sweaty mechanic and might be able to bite beer tops off with her teeth.

Megan Fox


31. Some people just ooze sex and Penelope Cruz is a sexual tsunami

Penelope Cruz


32. An ex-ballerina, model and actress, Diane Kruger played ‘the most beautiful woman in the word’, Helen of Troy, in film ‘Troy’. That kind of says it all really.

Diana Kruger


33.  Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in Tomb Raider and looked sexier than AN INVENTED ‘PERFECT’ COMPUTER GRAPHIC. Nuff said.

 Angelina Jolie

34. The Saturdays might just be the hottest girl group in the world, no? Una Healy has just got hitched to the father of her brand new baby. And she’s GORGEOUS.

Una Healy


35. Emily Blunt: A classy and lovely Brit rocketing up the Hollywood greasy pole (that sounds weird, sorry).


36. Miranda Kerr is just un-freaking-believable. She not only seems like the sweetest girl in the world, she’s also one of the hottest. The only thing stopping us wanting to be her is that she fed her kid organic cake for his 1st birthday. WTF?

Miranda Kerr


37. Jennifer Aniston is the eternal girl next door. If the girl next door was amazingly hot, funny and had the best hair EVER.

Jennifer Aniston


38. Natalie Portman is a Hollywood enigma – massively, massively famous – but then, er, not really. She somehow seems to live a completely normal life. And for that – and her lovely face – we love her.

Natalie Portman


39. Katy Perry is a celeb’s celeb. She can equally ramp up the scandal as she can the sympathy. She’s in it for all she can get – and isn’t ashamed of that. And for that, we salute her. (And for the foam bra obviously).

Katy Perry


40. A proper A List British star Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar (which she won for The Reader) in the bathroom “because basically everybody wants to touch it, everybody wants to hold it…So I figured if I put it [in there] then people can avoid the whole ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing”. Legend.

Kate Winslet