4 Common Mistakes To Avoid To Ensure A Smooth Transition As Your Lease Ends

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Published on December 8th, 2018

As soon as you finish your lease in a house, you want to move to another property that fits you. It might be time for you to relocate to a different city or you might have a growing family.

There are numerous reasons not to continue your lease and to ensure a smooth transition, these are several common mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not Reading The Contract


Before you even begin your lease, you need to know what is in your contract. There might be some details regarding the amount you need to pay and other obligations you have as a tenant.

You also need to know what are the responsibilities of the landlord. After some time, you might forget what you signed for at the start of the lease. Now that your contract is ending, you need to go through the agreement again.


2. Not Reading The Inspection Agreement

Ensure The Structure Of Your Paper Is Correct

You also need to know the details of the inspection agreement to avoid issues with your landlord. For instance, you need to notify your landlord about your intention discontinue the lease. You need to give at least a month notice before the end of your contract.

The agreement document might state that you could get fined if you did not inform in advance. Another detail you need to know is regarding property repairs. You don’t want your landlord to reduce your deposit because of repair issues.

The key is to inform your landlord if there is a problem as soon as it happens. You may not have caused the problem, and it is unfair that you shoulder the cost for all repairs.


3. Repairing Without Approval

Repair Needs

Speaking of repairs, you need to inform your landlord if you want to fix any problem at home. There needs to be an approval from your landlord before doing anything. Otherwise, you might be in trouble.

Inform your landlord that you wish to fix a problem and find out who has to pay for it. Avoid making changes, though, like repainting the house or adding permanent fixtures if you did not ask permission.


4. Leaving the house without cleaning

Finding A Buyer For The Property

You need to find the best experts in end of tenancy cleaning in London if you are leaving the property soon. It is the polite thing to do. You don’t want to keep the house in that chaotic shape when you are leaving.

However, if you agreed from the start that the landlord with deal with the general home cleaning when you move out, then that is okay.

If it IS your responsibility, then you need to find a company that can make the place look new again. You don’t want to receive additional charges because it wasn’t cleaned properly when you left.

Leaving a property once the lease is over is okay as long as you take care of your responsibilities before you go. You can avoid confrontation with your landlord or potential legal disputes, if you know what your rights and obligations are, and you don’t violate any of them.

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