6 Tips To Help Baby Get Used To Pacifier

Baby Get Used To Pacifier

July 14th, 2018   |   Updated on August 14th, 2018

Even if most people are not aware of this fact but pacifier can always be a tricky thing to be introduced to babies. Babies will either love it to death or will hate it the most.

If your baby loves the pacifier then you are in luck! But in case he resists taking the pacifier, then you can try offering it when the toddler is relaxed.

Baby Get Used To Pacifier

It is mostly during the end of feeding time. But, even if this tactic fails, you can try reverse psychology as your last resort.

It is rather a simple yet effective trick to help your baby take hold of the pacifier. If you really want your baby to love pacifier, some steps might help you big time.

1. Wait for few more weeks

Avoid introducing the pacifier to your baby until breastfeeding started to work, in case you are planning to breastfeed your child. Remember that sucking a pacifier and breastfeeding are completely two different techniques. So, introducing pacifier earlier might confuse the hell out of the little life.

  • The generalized recommendation around here is to wait for a month at least after the birth took place, before introducing pacifier if planning to breastfeed.
  • You have to hold your patience as there is no other way out. Most of the time, babies are not even interested in pacifiers until they are around 2.5 months old. So, don’t lose hope and keep on working on it.


2. You have to be patient

Baby Get Used To Pacifier_4

Sometimes, even when the baby is rather old enough to take on a pacifier as per the earlier recommendations, there is no such guarantee that your baby will like it. For some babies, this trick might work immediately and then you have others, who will get used to it after some time. And then you have the third group of babies, who will NEVER get used to it. Kids are different and so are their mentalities and tastes.

  • You have to try every day and not only at the time when the baby is crying his heart out hysterically.
  • You can get some luck in your favor if you work on pacifier slowly.
  • Try to make your baby think the pacifier as a toy and don’t just force it on. It is not something to be used immediately for soothing your baby, so just remember that.


3. You can try when the baby is content

There are so many times when the parents might be tempted to use the pacifier during desperate situations. They try to shove it up in their mouths when they are crying at the top of their lungs. If you are trying to follow the same rule then, unfortunately it won’t work.

  • It is your duty, being a parent, to help the baby get used to the pacifier when he is a bit tired of all that crying.
  • You can even try to introduce the pacifier at that time when the baby is trying to have something to suck on.
  • It can even be introduced as a fun interactive toy. But this isn’t a toy to be introduced when the child is too tired or starving to death.


4. Tap it to make it work

Baby Get Used To Pacifier_3

There are some lucky parents out there, whose baby will start sucking the pacifier immediately as it touches the inner portion of their mouth. You can try tapping it gently with your fingernails. Another trick to help create a friendly relationship between the pacifier and the child is by shaking the pacifier.

Try shaking it a bit inside the kid’s mouth. These tricks are proven to trigger the baby’s instinct to suck the pacifier or anything that’s in their mouth.


5. Try making it a bit tasty

Well, this is a very common trick followed by most parents out there. You can try dipping the pacifier in formula or breast milk for introducing that similar taste in their mouth. This will make the pacifier tastier than before and possibly will trick your baby to accept it by keeping it inside the mouth for the initial few seconds. They might even suck on it even more than those few initial seconds, which will associate that good feeling with the dummy.


6. You can try various kinds

Baby Get Used To Pacifier_1

The market houses so many types of pacifiers for the little lives out there. You can try at least some of them to see which one your baby likes the most. There are multiple times when your baby may not like one pacifier but get obsessed with another type.

So, to find that perfect dummy for your little baby, you have to at least try using some initially. The pacifier style and materials are subject to vary quite a lot from one another, which will make the little life choose one over the other easily. So get to work on that now.