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How A 3-Year-Old Recreated Scenes From Wonder Woman Movie With Her $1,500 Halloween Costume


October 21st, 2016   |   Updated on October 15th, 2019

This three-year-old re-enacted the Amazonian princess from the Wonder Women movie with her Halloween costume.

The much anticipated movie starring Gal Gadot won’t be released until next summer; however, commercial photographer Josh Rossi took it to a completely different level when he spent $1500 to fulfill his daughter’s dream of becoming Wonder Woman, using trailer as his only guide with support from McGrew Studio in Salt Lake City.

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Together, Josh , his wife and daughter Nellee, the family studied the trailer, comic books, and the 1970’s TV series to get those facial expressions and gestures just right.

Behind the scenes, Nellee and her mom spent hours watching the movie trailer, mimicking the comic book heroine’s facial expressions, gestures and movements.

Nellee was natural in her Halloween costume and the final photos are incredible.

Check Out The Details On Nellee’s Handmade Leather Ensemble. Her Accessories Are Of Another Caliber.

halloween-costume-v1 halloween-costume-v2


She’s Only Three Years Old But She Looks Fierce In Her Wonder Woman Costume. She’s Even Got The Long Wavy Tresses.



At The Photoshoot, Nellee Proved To Be A Natural, Giving Carter And Gadot A Run For Their Money.



Nellee’s Modeling Was On Point — We Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Modeling Was In Her Foreseeable Future — But Her Father’s Editing Really Brought The Photos To Life.



Rossi’s Photoshop Editing Is Modeled Closely After The Promo Photos For The Modern Film.



He Used More Than Just Filters. He Spent Hours Editing Layers Upon Layers.


Rossi Was Probably Thinking, “go In Peace My Daughter. And Remember That, In A World Of Ordinary Mortals, You Are A Wonder Woman.”



Of All The Shots, This Is Probably Our Favorite One. Look At How Many People It Took To Get Nellee In The Right Position.


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This One Looks Like A Scene From The Film. The Team Did An Amazing Job!



Watch The Video Photoshop Dad Recreates Scenes From Wonder Woman Movie

Video source: Josh Rossi:Youtube Channel


Watch The Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer (2017)

Video Source: Movieclips Trailers

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