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Sweet Moment! How The Baby Girl Smiled When She Saw Her Parents For The First Time


Published on October 16th, 2016

Seeing an infant cute smile is enough to make any new parent glow with ultimate happiness.

Three-month-old Tilly has had a hard time seeing since she was born. So when her parents finally got her glasses, you can sense just how cheerful she was to see her mom and dad clearly for the first time.

Need not worry, you don’t need to picture it in your imagination…her father captured the heartwarming moment on camera. Watch as her cute face lights up when she sees her parents.

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Adorable footage filmed by a dad at home shows a tiny pair of pink specs being slipped over Tilly’s head… and her adorable reaction


Not once does Tilly’s eyes leave her mother’s face as she seems almost overwhelmed by the occasion 



A wide smile spread instantly across her face as her mother – also dressed in a pink outfit for the occasion – coos delightedly.



Her parents can’t help but laugh at Tilly as they watch various emotions flicker across her face and her little sounds of delight



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Source: dailymail.co.uk, viralnova.com

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