Why Are Backlit Displays Still The Crown Jewel Of Display Signs In The Market?

Why Are Backlit Displays Still The Crown Jewel Of Display Signs In The Market?

August 19th, 2018   |   Updated on August 13th, 2019

In the world of smartphones and paper-thin TV sets, why are people still falling in love with backlit fabric signs? You walk into the mall, stroll past a busy market street, or go to a trade exhibition. Leading entrepreneurs are still showing their commitment towards fabric backlit signs.

Commercial signs are gravitating towards fabric as their medium of choice. Retail product promotion is especially going all out on innovative backlit signage everywhere which you can get from It is no longer a sign of a small budget or shortage of time. It has become the unanimous symbol of eco-friendly signage systems with maximum visibility.

Here are a few value points backbit displays add to the various brands that employ them –


1. It Imparts A Thoroughly Organic Look

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one of the most significant advantages of using fabric backlit signs is the lack of that laminated glare the LED signs, and reflective surfaces give. At the same time, these fabric signs provide fantastic color saturation that makes these displays look like a million dollars (but they don’t cost a million dollars!) in any location.

TV studios, cosmetics showrooms, fashion houses, and corporate lobbies are particularly partial to these displays. A backlit screen is a perfect option for you too if you want to be conspicuous without being too gaudy.


2. These Signs Are Durable And Portable

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all fabric backlit displays from reputable designers and printers are sturdy enough to withstand a long journey. Whether you need to move them from a trade expo to a storage facility or you want to pick them up from the printers and deliver them to the primary outlet in the city, you can do so without really worrying about any damage.

You can disassemble them without expert help and re-install them wherever you require. They are compact and quite resistant to injury from transportation. Unlike LCD signage and LED displays, you don’t have to worry about sharp objects and heavy things on the surface.

Additionally, repairing the damage is much cheaper and more straightforward for these signs than it is for electronic displays.


3. They Are Incredibly Light

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one more factor to consider is their weight. Unlike their digital counterparts, the fabric displays are light and portable. They consist of two polycarbonate or acrylic surfaces that sandwich the film. These signs don’t have any lenses.

Therefore, they are not heavy at all, and you can easily carry them from one place to another without requiring additional assistance. While LCD signs, especially the bigger ones, may need secure specialized transportation, you can move the fabric-stretch displays in the back seat of your car the morning of the trade exhibition or installation.


4. They Are Pocket-Friendly Too


another huge advantage is their cost-effective nature. In contrast to electronic signage that can cost you a couple of thousand bucks depending on the size and placement, these backlit fabric signs are incredibly cheap. The large backlit signs are exceptionally affordable.

You can get 4 feet by 6 feet signs for a fraction of the cost of an LCD sign. You can get signs that are only a couple of feet high and few feet wide, but in a larger space, it makes more sense to leverage the available real estate.

You can design fabric signs that span 15 feet or even 20 feet. The additional price is nominal since there are no expensive display technology and lenses involved in the process.


5. They Provide Extensive Customization Options

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in addition to being portable, these backlit signs are customizable too. Depending on the design print you pick, you can expect to attract the attention of the target audience.

Usually, removing old fabric prints and installing new ones on the same frame is not difficult with a little help from the experts. These provide enough opportunities for you to customize your design, stay ahead of your competition, reuse resources and cut down the cost of advertising.


6. Backlit Sign Printing Is A Green Process

Backlit Sign Printing

printing fabric signage involves a dye-sublimation process. It is an eco-friendly printing method that utilizes water-based dyes only. This process makes the fabric washable. They are easy to maintain, and you can quickly wipe the dirt off with mild soap-based solutions. Not all professional designers and printers use this process.

Whichever printing service you pick, ensure that they follow a green method for printing the adverts. A business publishes several adverts and banners throughout the year.

Although the frames, lighting and installation process remains the same, the fabric and print are new each time. It is the responsibility of an environmentally aware brand to pick a printing process that does not harm the environment, even when brands utilize it repeatedly.
Trade shows take up a lot of effort and time. Entrepreneurs dedicate months on end to perfect their trade expo exhibits and signage. Having trustworthy backlit displays can help you save time and money. They will help you remain visible amidst hundreds of other potential competitors.


Since these are easy to set up, customize and move around, you can experiment with unique looks for your brand during each new expo in town, without spending a fortune on kiosk design. These signs can help entrepreneurs save time and effort on all future display options whether it is inside a high-end mall or a public square or a trade exhibition.

The content of these signs depends on your marketing team and research data. You will need market insights, demographic information and in-depth product information for creating unique marketing strategies that attract and convert. While backlit signage can increase the visibility of your brand and products, it cannot make up for the lack of market knowledge.

In fact, it is impossible to perform well in a saturated market like this without enough knowledge about your target audience. Before you turn to design an impressive display, you should carry out a market audit to gather relevant data that can contribute to informative and attractive display signs.