Banjo Versus Guitar: Similarities And Differences

Banjo Versus Guitar

October 21st, 2018   |   Updated on October 27th, 2018

The banjo and guitar both belong to the stringed instrument group. They produce similar stringy sounds, but there are significant differences between them.

If you are looking for an instrument to learn how to play, you can choose between the two, or maybe learn how to play both, and in no time you can play dueling banjos for beginners.

You can wow friends and family with your new skills. Here is a look at some of the instruments’ similarities and differences regarding different aspects.

1. Body

Banjo Versus Guitar

The body of the banjo is rounder and a lot smaller than the guitar. The guitar’s body has curves and is longer. The fretted fingerboards of both the banjo and guitar are the same. You can both pluck or strum the strings of the banjo and guitar, either with your fingers or by using a plectrum. The banjo has a hard skin beneath the strings, but the back is fully open, while the guitar usually has a hole in the center with the back covered.


2. Strings

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The basic guitar has six strings or twelve strings, while the banjo can be any of the three: four-string, five-string or six-string. Each of these types has its unique sound and manner of playing.


3. Size

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The difference in size is noticeable: the banjo is much smaller than the guitar because of its little, round body.


4. Sound

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When it comes to sound, there is no one better between the guitar and the banjo. Both produce unique sounds, depending on the number of their strings. The range of music for both depends on the number of strings that they have. Also, the manner that you play the strings contribute to the produced sound. Plucking or strumming both produce different sounds.


5. Difficulty

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The level of difficulty in playing the guitar is higher than the banjo. It is because the guitar has more strings than the banjo. The banjo, having fewer strings, is easier to learn how to play. But with perseverance and dedication, you can learn how to play both the guitar and the banjo, even without the guidance of a professional player.


6. Price

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The guitar is much more expensive than the banjo because of the complexity of its construction. It takes more hours to create a guitar than a banjo. The number of strings also contribute to the price. If you want to learn a stringed instrument but are working on a tight budget, then the banjo is perfect for you.

When we compare the number of guitar players to banjo players all over the world, it is safe to say that there are significantly more guitar players, because it is a more conventional instrument. However, the banjo is gaining wide popularity all over the world because of its unique sound and look.

Orchestras include banjo players because of the exquisite sound they contribute to the whole band. It is quite easy to learn both the guitar and the banjo. You can even learn by yourself with the help of tutorial videos you can find on the Internet.