Malia Obama Settles Into Harvard University For First Year Of College With The Help Of Barack And Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama move Malia to Harvard

Published on August 23rd, 2017

It’s the beginning of many college move-in days in Massachusetts, and one notable incoming freshman has already settled in. Malia Obama is set to begin her first year at Harvard University this fall. The 19-year-old took a gap year before starting college, and Harvard is no strange place in her family. Both of her parents attended Harvard Law School.

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Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were spotted in Cambridge Monday as they helped their daughter move into her dormitory room. Proud parents Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have officially sent their eldest daughter, 19-year-old Malia Obama, off to college at Harvard University. Per photos published by The Daily Mail, the former POTUS and FLOTUS were present as Malia moved into an on-campus residence on Monday, one day before her classmates began arriving for the fall semester.

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The former first daughter graduated from high school in 2015, but elected to postpone her enrollment at Harvard in order to take full advantage of the widely-encouraged gap year.

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During that time, Malia scored a 2016 summer internship at the U.S. Embassy in Spain before heading to the Big Apple for an internship with the Weinstein Co. It’s unclear what the accomplished teen will study at Harvard, but she’s long expressed an interest in filmmaking.

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she helped out on the set of Extant with Halle Berry and the next year landed an internship working on the set of Girls. Show creator Lena Dunham had nothing but positive things to say regarding Malia’s work ethic, telling Howard Stern, “She’s an angel. Obviously, we weren’t making her go get our coffee. But she wanted to do all the jobs — that was the cool thing.”

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Malia follows in the footsteps of Barack and Michelle, who both call the ivy league university their alma mater. Michelle graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988 with a Juris doctor degree and the president received the same degree three years later.

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Malia Obama moved into her new dormitory at Harvard University on Monday afternoon

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Barack and Michelle Obama looked to be emotional as they left the dorm after saying goodbye and rushed into their waiting SUV with their eyes covered

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Malia, is set to start her freshman year at the prestigious Ivy league university where her father attended law school later this month

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Malia was allowed to move in a day early and the family took advantage of the solar eclipse by choosing that time for the move and drawing no attention

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Malia and a friend went to go pick up a laundry bag

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Malia seemed to have previously known the young woman

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Malia took a gap year after graduating, during which time she volunteered in South America and interned for The Weinsten Company

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Malia also volunteered in South America while taking time off from school as her father wrapped up his time in the White House

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It is unclear if Malia will have a Secret Service detail,but she is entitled to one

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Malia headed back to her new dorm room after grabbing her laundry bag to get changed before lunch

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Malia’s friend was also looking very stylish in her jean romper and oversized tote

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Malia then changed into jean shorts to meet up with two other friends

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Malia chats with a young man on campus before grabbing salads

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A Dunkin Donuts cup was perched behind Malia as she laughed with her friend

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Malia disposed of her napkin in a public trash cab after lunch

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The group will attend an orientation session on Tuesday night at the college

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Malia and her friends used the crosswalk on Tuesday rather than jaywalk across the road

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Malia and her friends headed off to enjoy the rest of their afternoon

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The Obamas filmed leaving Malia’s dorm at Harvard University


Obamas spotted walking through Harvard university campus

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