Are You Interested In Becoming A Teacher Aide? Here Are 5 Important Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself

Becoming A Teacher Aide

Published on June 6th, 2018

Like any career field, choosing to become a teacher aide definitely has its fair share of challenges. However, it also brings about countless rewards.

If you have been considering becoming a teacher aide, then it is vital for you to ask yourself pertinent questions to help you decide on whether this is the right career path for you. Here are 5 important questions that you should definitely consider:


1. Am I passionate about education?

Before committing to any career path, it is important for you to analyze whether you are truly passionate about that particular field of work. For instance, when it comes to education, have you always desired to help children learn and grow?

Or have you ever worked as a tutor and found that you greatly enjoyed your job? These are some of the signs that you should look out for to see whether you will truly enjoy working as an educator.


2. What training is required and how much does it cost?

The next question that you should ask is regarding the professional qualifications needed to become a teacher aide in your particular area. In most cases, one would require a certificate II, III or IV from an accredited institution. These courses usually take about 12 months, depending on the speed of the program you choose.

You can opt to do your course online at a reputable institution such as Adapt Education, where they offer flexible and affordable study programs. To get a teacher aide quote for course, simply visit their website and make an online inquiry.

3. What tasks will I be expected to perform as a teacher aide?

Despite the fact that your job description may vary slightly from one institution to another, there are some general responsibilities that you will be expected to undertake as a teacher aide.

These include supervising and assisting students, observing and recording the performance of students, giving additional assistance to students with special needs, and enforcing school rules and policies.


4. What will be my average salary as a teacher aide?

According to, teacher aides earn an average weekly pay of $927 before tax. In addition, there is a prediction for very strong growth in the future, which may lead to better pay.

This clearly demonstrates that there is a huge opportunity for growth in this sector, and hence you should definitely consider it to be a worthwhile career.


5. What are some of the challenges that I will face as a teacher aide?

Like any other occupation, becoming a teacher aide has its own set of difficulties. Some of these include dealing with uncooperative children, or difficult co-workers.

Another common issue could be excessive workload and fatigue, especially during the busy periods of the school year. However, these challenges can be overcome by having a good attitude and ensuring open lines of communication between yourself, the students and your supervisors.