5 Important Benefits Of Art Gallery Representation

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Published on May 31st, 2018

In the last several decades, artists have depended on established galleries to sell their creative artworks.

However, artists today are now choosing to represent themselves and individually sell their work instead of being represented by art galleries.

However, being represented by an established gallery is much more beneficial especially for emerging artists. Here are the essential benefits of gallery representation.

1. Get value for your artwork

In most cases, art collectors will assume that your artwork is more valuable if you are represented by a major gallery.

Just having the name of an established gallery attached to your art pieces can ensure that your work gets a good deal.

Your work will also be priced fairly by professionals who have experience in the art field. Your art pieces will become more valuable when they are affiliated with big names in the art industry.

2. Endorsement

Having the backing of a major gallery is beneficial to the artist. This is because the world of art is quite competitive and having the support of a well-established gallery can make the struggles much easier.

You will get higher visibility and more opportunities in the industry when you are endorsed by a popular gallery.

The respect and prestige that is earned by a gallery over time will automatically reflect on you and your artwork, and this can help to quickly bring you into the limelight.

3. Gallery clients

When you are represented by an established Art gallary in Ft. Lauderdale, you will have access to their loyal clients.

When you work as an independent artist, it might take you several years to gain recognition and build a loyal clientele base.

However, the directors and staff of the gallery already know the clients who will love your artwork and they will ensure that the clients check out your work during the exhibition.

You may even sell your art pieces on your first exhibition because buyers are readily available.

4. Networking

As an artist, you need to constantly make connections with people who can assist you or those you can collaborate with. It is quite easy for you to find like-minded individuals in an art gallery.

You will be able to meet emerging artists, established artists, and even influential people. Furthermore, group exhibitions can help you to collaborate with similar artists and you will be able to showcase your artwork in front of their fans.

This can enhance your recognition and result in more sales.

5. Focus on your core business

When working as an independent artist, you will have to split your time between creating art and marketing it.

This can be quite stressful, and one area of your work may suffer. With gallery representation, the marketing aspect will be handled by professionals and this will give you adequate time to continue creating more pieces and practicing.

You will not stress about publicity, exhibition, or sales because they will be handled by the gallery.

Focus on your core business

As an artist, you require the assistance of established galleries and fellow artists in order to reach your maximum potential and become successful in the industry.

This is important especially if you are just starting out in the industry. You will gain experience, share knowledge and ideas regarding the industry with fellow artists, gallery directors, and even gallery staff.

To guarantee your success, make sure that you work with a well-established gallery.