6 Benefits Of Modafinil That Help Improve Quality Of Life

Benefits Of Modafinil

January 12th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Modafinil is one, if not the, most popular smart drugs in use. Its safety and effectiveness have led many people to switch to it from Adderall or Ritalin. Some criticize people for using it, yet many ignore the benefits that can have a life-changing impact for both healthy individuals and those suffering from some type of mental issue.

Modafinil was initially designed to treat sleep-related issues such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. In recent years, people prefer to buy Modafinil online, mainly because of its significantly lower price. Provigil is prescribed in the US, while Modalert, Modvigil or Vilafinil are the most popular generic brands of Modafinil that are sold by online pharmacies. This buyer’s guide from Nootrodelic will help you determine the right pharmacy to order from.

Modafinil may or may not be useful for you. Here are some of the best benefits that Modafinil can offer to people:

1. Increased Motivation

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One of the best benefits offered by Modafinil is its increase in motivation to get things done and to follow through with long-term goals. This is why it’s been called the “closest thing to the real-life Limitless pill”. People use it to follow through with exercise schedules, increase productivity and become better people.


2. Increased Focus

Depression Is Not ‘Low Mood'

Whether you’re working or studying, the alertness experienced greatly helps in minimizing the time it takes to finish a task or finish reading a chapter. The “tunnel-like vision” helps you stay focused on the task at hand, which can have profound effects on one’s grades or productivity levels. Although doctors don’t prescribe it for ADHD, studies indicate that Modafinil can be as effective as Adderall to manage and treat ADHD.


3. Wakefulness

Benefits Of Modafinil

This is ideal for those having to work long hours or those who need to stay awake for extended periods of time. Students can pull off all-nighters without having to drink copious amounts of caffeine to achieve the level of alertness and attention needed for continuous studying.


4. Improved Mood

Depression Is Not ‘Low Mood'_1

Although this is one of the lesser-known effects, Modafinil does feature a certain mood-lift. Some say that it makes them anti-social, and others that it makes them more talkative. From a social point of view, subjectivity is a defining feature. Still, Modafinil has actually been researched as a treatment for depression. Studies and user reports show that it may be an effective treatment for low-to-moderate forms of depression.


5. Weight Loss

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This is viewed by many and listed as a side effect. Not something someone who is overweight might think, though. Modafinil suppresses appetite and this is the main reason people find it easier to lose weight when taking Modafinil regularly. However, Modafinil also allows you to exercise for extended periods of time. That and its effects on the willpower needed to stick to a workout schedule make it a great weight loss aid.


6. Better Reaction Times

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Modafinil makes you feel very alert in a more relaxed way than caffeine does. This is because you won’t experience jitters. Being alert and focused results in better reaction times in tasks or actions that are fast-paced. Professional gamers can find this incredibly beneficial. Goalkeepers or other sports enthusiasts can also find it useful, although Modafinil is banned in official sports.



Benefits Of Modafinil

This smart drug is unlike any other. Sure, some may say that Adderall matches up, but it also comes with side effects. Modafinil won’t make you crash and it isn’t addictive either. You will find few that are as effective as Adderall and as gentle in terms of side effects and addictive potential. Its benefits can far outweigh the strain that Modafinil may put on the liver. Obviously, you should consult your doctor before ordering Modafinil express from online pharmacies, especially if you’re already on other medication.

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