Yes, KENT ALPS Is The Best Air Purifier In India

Best Air Purifier In India

December 18th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2018

Air quality has taken a serious dip during the last couple of years now and it is only getting worse with the advent of time. India’s air quality is worse than any other country, with several cities having more than 4 times the pollutants than the permissible limit by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Leave aside the outdoor pollution, studies have shown that indoor pollution is far worse than outdoor pollution. This is because the pollutants build up inside enclosed areas more than outdoors. According to studies, this number can be ten times more than that of outdoor pollution, which is extremely high especially in parts of country with elevated levels of pollution.

The need for an air purifier is vital and there are no substitutes if you want to be on the safer side. Bad air quality affects children and elders the most, however, others are at an equal risk if the pollutants are way above the permissible limit. So, in today’s time it is imperative to buy an air purifier. There are several things to consider when buying an air purifier, from size to technology and features. KENT, a leading health care brand has several air purifiers in their stable. The KENT Alps is the best air purifier in India for number of reasons.

Here’s why KENT Alps is the best air purifier in India

Designed with (HEPA) High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor Technology

KENT Alps features HEPA technology from Japan which can remove up to 99% of polluted particles from the air. HEPA is the industry standard for air filters around the world. It is highly effective in eliminating perilous and hazardous pollutants which are larger than 0.3 microns such as tobacco smoke, pollens, dust mites, and additional irritants from the air. KENT Alps uses a three-stage mechanism viz. Impact, Interception and Diffusion to trap pollutants inside the room. The Air Purifier is also highly effective against pollutants such as SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) and PM 2.5 which are most toxic to the health. These pollutants are majorly found in abundance in indoors.

High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Clean Air Delivery Rate is the rate at which an air purifier can clean the air. It is a performance indicator for air purifiers. It is necessary to buy an air purifier which has a high CADR to ensure optimum performance, especially in areas where air pollution is on the higher side. People who live in areas where the permissible level is as high as 3-5 times need a high CADR air purifier to ensure that air is thoroughly cleaned. KENT Alps has a CADR of 400 m3/hour which is perfect multiple uses in areas that suffer from poor air quality, especially home. High CADR means that KENT Alps is highly effective towards cleaning air indoors and making the room fresh.

Inbuilt Ionizer

Providing an environment with fresh air to newborn babies should be the first concern of soon to be parents. Keeping the air quality in mind, the sooner you start creating an environment that provides fresh air, the better it is for your child’s health. KENT Alps has an inbuilt ionizer which spreads ions in the environment that makes the pollutants stick on the walls to improve the air quality. It freshens up the room by trapping the pollutants on its electrically charged plate.

Plethora of Features

KENT Alps has numerous features that makes it easy to operate. It comes with the following functions for ease of use –

  • One-touch Child Lock Technology
  • Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring with LCD Display
  • Auto timer to turn off after a set period
  • Activated carbon filter to remove odor
  • Filter change indicator

KENT Alps is a value for money product for soon to be parents. It will protect children, and prevent them from getting sick because of the toxic air inside the home. By investing a nominal sum in an air purifier for your child’s health, you not only secure their future but also help them avoid any health conditions.