Lost Your Phone? 10 Best Find My Phone Apps And More To The Rescue

Best Find My Phone Apps

Published on September 23rd, 2023

We’ve all been there – that heart-pounding moment when you pat your pocket or dig through your bag, only to realize that your smartphone, the trusted companion to your daily life, is nowhere to be found.

Panic sets in as you imagine the worst – misplaced on the bus, left at the restaurant, or worse, stolen. In these frantic situations, having a Find My Phone app can be a game-changer.

But which ones are the best, and what other methods can you rely on when your precious device decides to play hide-and-seek?

Fear not, because we’ve got your back! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best Find My Phone apps for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that you’ll have the best tools at your disposal for those “where’s my phone?!” moments.

We’ll explore alternative methods and preventive measures that every smartphone owner should know. So, let’s dive in and turn your “lost” into “found”!

1. Find My iPhone (iOS)

Let’s start with the Apple users. If you’re rocking an iPhone or other Apple device, you’re in luck because you have a built-in superhero called “Find My iPhone.”

This app can help you locate your missing device on a map, play a sound (even if your phone is on silent mode), lock it remotely, and erase your data if necessary. It’s a lifesaver when your phone goes AWOL.

2. Find My Device (Android)

For the Android crowd, Google has your back with “Find My Device.” This app offers similar features to its Apple counterpart, allowing you to track your phone’s location, lock it, and even wipe it clean if it falls into the wrong hands. Just make sure it’s enabled on your device by going to your phone’s settings.

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3. Find My Phone (Life360)

Life360’s “Find My Phone” is a cross-platform app that covers both iOS and Android. Besides locating your device, it offers features like location sharing with family members, driving safety reports, and even emergency response options. It’s a great choice if you want a more comprehensive family safety app.

4. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey is a fantastic option for both iOS and Android. It provides the usual Find My Phone features but with an added layer of security.

You can remotely take pictures from your device, lock it down, or trigger a loud alarm to deter potential thieves. Plus, it’s free for up to three devices.

5. Where’s My Droid (Android)

Android users, meet your trusty sidekick, “Where’s My Droid.” This app lets you track your device’s location, lock it, and even take pictures to identify its current user.

It’s simple to use and provides peace of mind when your phone decides to go rogue.

6. Cerberus (Android)

Cerberus is another robust Android-only option. It offers an impressive array of features, including location tracking, remote access, and even SMS control.

You can customize commands to make your phone respond to specific codes sent via text, enhancing your control over your device’s security.

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7. Find My Friends (iOS)

While it’s not a traditional Find My Phone app, “Find My Friends” is an excellent choice for iOS users who want to keep tabs on their loved ones’ locations.

You can easily share your location with friends and family and request their location in return. It’s not just about finding your own phone; it’s about staying connected.

8. Google Maps Timeline

Both Android and iOS users can benefit from Google Maps Timeline. This feature, when enabled, automatically logs your device’s location history.

So even if you’ve lost your phone and didn’t install a specific Find My Phone app, you can check your Google Maps Timeline to see where it was last active.

9. Dropbox (Camera Upload)

Here’s a nifty trick: If you’re a Dropbox user, the app can help you find your phone. When you enable the Camera Upload feature, Dropbox will automatically back up photos taken on your device.

So if someone finds your phone and snaps a selfie, it might just end up in your Dropbox, revealing a clue to its whereabouts.

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10. Social Media Tracking

This one’s a bit unconventional but can be surprisingly effective. If your phone falls into the hands of someone who loves posting on social media, their updates might inadvertently give away their location.

Keep an eye on your connected accounts for any unusual activity that might lead you to your device.

Preventing The Panic: Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe

Now that we’ve covered the best Find My Phone apps and alternative methods, let’s talk about preventing this heart-racing scenario in the first place. Here are some tips to keep your phone safe and sound:

  1. Enable Find My Phone Features: Whether you’re on iOS or Android, make sure to enable the respective Find My Phone feature on your device. It’s your first line of defense when your phone decides to pull a vanishing act.
  2. Use Lock Screen Security: Set up a strong PIN, password, or biometric lock on your device. This makes it much harder for anyone who finds your phone to access your personal data.
  3. Regular Backups: Back up your data regularly, either to the cloud or a computer. This ensures that even if your phone is lost or wiped, your precious photos and documents remain safe.
  4. Install A Security App: Consider installing a comprehensive security app like Norton Mobile Security or McAfee Mobile Security. These apps offer not only anti-theft features but also protection against malware and phishing attempts.
  5. Be Cautious In Public: Keep an eye on your phone in public places, especially in crowded areas or public transport. Thieves often target distracted individuals.
  6. Keep Your Software Updated: Regularly update your phone’s operating system and apps. These updates often include security patches that help protect your device.
  7. Write Down Your Phone’s IMEI: Make a note of your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This unique identifier can help authorities track your phone if it’s stolen.


In our fast-paced digital world, losing your phone can feel like losing a piece of yourself. But armed with the right Find My Phone app and some preventive measures, you can rest easy knowing that your trusty sidekick can be found. So, next time your phone decides to play hide-and-seek, you’ll be well-prepared to turn the tables and say, “Found you!”

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