Importance Of Fire Alert Systems: Choose From The Four Best Fire Detection Systems

The Aspirating Smoke Alert Systems

Published on July 30th, 2018

Instances of sudden fire breakouts in buildings are common today. Still, the majority of companies haven’t yet installed fire alarm systems in their offices. Working professionals in an office or commercial complex often assume that they will be able to smell and detect smoke, in an unforeseen situation.

A fire emergency is always abrupt. You can never predict it. And you can’t predict the extent to which a fire can spread in a commercial building due to a short-circuit or any other issue. People in offices are busy working, emailing or developing business ideas.

It will be tough for people to detect fire and reach for the emergency exit instantly. By the time they discover the smoke, the damage can cost their lives. Hence, it is crucial that commercial complexes and offices have a fire alarm and detection system.


Fire Detection Systems Are Important


Often people in an office attach little seriousness to fire alarms. They don’t check the systems on a daily basis. A fire alarm and detection system can signal you of danger before it costs on your life. It alerts you even when everyone in an office, a hyper mall, an event or a movie hall is busy working.

It can save brands from property and staff loss. Furthermore, it helps insurance companies to save up on the damage costs. All these reasons prove that companies and organizations must install the best fire alarm systems.


Types Of Fire Alarm And Detection Systems Available

Types Of Fire Alarm And Detection Systems Available Image Source: 4mutual

Some companies have installed fire alert systems. Are you planning to upgrade the existing fire alarm systems in your company? Or are you planning to invest and install a fire alarm system for the first time?

Regardless, of whatever is your situation, it is essential that you select from the multiple fire alarm systems available today. From manual to automatic fire alarm systems, there are plenty of options that you can browse through, before arriving at a buying decision. Here are the four best choices for you.

Choose whichever suits best for your office space.

1. The Traditional Fire Alert Systems

Fire Alarm And Detection Systems

A four-wire or traditional fire alert system has been in use in local shops, grocery stores, one or two-storied office spaces and many more for years. It is affordable than the other advanced devices. A traditional fire alert system works by segregating an office building into various detection areas.

The call points and fire detectors inside every area are hardwired inside selected circuits and control panel. Each zone can have several sensors. A bell or a fire-proof, two-core cable for every alarm sounder is essential, as they stay wired to various loops.

When a fire detector gets activated, control panel recognizes the circuit which includes the triggered device. That indicates the area which gave out the fire alarm. However, the region needs to be searched manually for finding the individual device.


2. The Addressable-Analogue Fire Detection Systems

The Addressable-Analogue Fire Detection Systems

This device provides details on separate detectors. The addressable or often emphasized as “intelligent” fire alert systems are designed mostly for large commercial premises. It is apt for office spaces with complex network systems.

And this automatically makes the analogue fire alert systems costlier. The device works in a complicated way as well. It provides maximized flexibility, better control scope, faster identification speed and better intelligence.

The addressable-analogue fire detection systems have various kinds of in-built initiating devices. It gets hardwired in one or more than one single loops close to the premise. It results in minimal cabling work as compared to the conventional fire alert systems.

Its fire control panel obtains status reports and information from every device. It denotes the precise location in case of any fire, smoke, contamination, fault or heat.

Do you want to know more on this device? If yes, you can reach for any leading fire alarm inspection company and ask for guidance and information.


3. The Aspirating Smoke Alert Systems

The Aspirating Smoke Alert Systems

Simply put, the aspirating smoke alert systems are highly sensitive. It can identify even the minute smouldering fire than most fire alarm systems. The device makes use of a fan and draws in air from a building’s surrounding.

It takes place through a grid of sampling holes and pipes. The gets passed via a very sensitive precision detector. The detector assesses it and comes up with warning signals of a probable fire, the moment it recognizes smoke particles. Usually, the aspirating smoke alert system is a high-maintenance device.

Even the installation is costly. Since its sensitive, this device can also recognize cool smoke which doesn’t go up to the ceiling along with dangerous fire or smoke signals. In situations where an early alert is essential, these devices are useful.


4. The Wireless Fire Alert Systems

The Wireless Fire Alert Systems Image Source: triostinyhouse

It is one of the most advanced fire alert devices. The wireless fire detection systems are cheaper and more flexible. It gets installed easily and quickly. Additionally, these new age fire alert systems offer similar security akin to the conventional fire alert systems.

It is also useful in situations where wired installations seem impossible. The device doesn’t have any cables in between the control panel and detection devices. Hence, you can bid farewell to the time-consuming cable tests.

However, it is essential that wireless fire alert systems adhere to the EN54-25 rules and regulations. The new age wireless fire detection systems are highly sophisticated.

The devices are more trustworthy than those dating back to the 1980’s. Furthermore, the wireless fire alert systems also have multiple frequency links that alleviate collision and signal blocking. It calls in for increased signal strength margin maintenance.

High rise buildings and commercial complexes often experience sudden fire breakouts resulting from electrical malfunctioning and smoke disruptions. The bigger the compound, the higher the losses, when the building doesn’t have a fire alert system.

Sometimes thunderstorms and heavy downpour cause collision in the wires, which result in a fire. An advanced fire detection system is used to detect smoke before it leads to a dangerous fire and causes excess harm.

Today, several service providers have emerged in the market. Each brand has an array of excellent products and fire detecting systems, with advanced sensors and other features.

You can browse online and gather more information on the same. Furthermore, once you decide which type of fire alert system you would want to opt-in for, selecting the service provider becomes easy.

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