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15 Best MacBook Pro 15 Inch Cases To Buy In 2019


Published on February 8th, 2019

MacBook Pro is quite popular the world over thanks to its sleek design and stylish look. But like other popular laptops in its category, there is always the fear of it getting damaged due to falling or because of any other reason.

Therefore, buying a case seems the most suitable thing to do. We bring to you a compilation of 15 Best MacBook Pro 15 Inch Cases that you can make your choice from.

These sturdy yet exquisite creations are bound to give your MacBook pro the comfort it needs. Plus the designs are pure craftsmanship and would only add up to the attractiveness of your laptop.

Carefully chosen by our experts they are going to up your style quotient without exceeding your budget.

1. Twelve South BookBook V2 for MacBook

Twelve South BookBook V2 for MacBook

Designed exclusively for your MacBook, Book is a totally unique case that delivers as much personality as it does protection. Weighing as little as 13. 5 ounces, this handmade, genuine leather case offers hardback book covers, reinforced corners and a cushioned spine to absorb outside impacts.

The inside of the case is lined with a velvety soft interior to cushion your MacBook open or closed. In the Vol 2 Update, we added a hidden pocket to store papers and documents so you will have everything you need for meetings at your fingertips.

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Review: Michael D. Mullins

Very much like it. I had a BookBook for the original iPad and loved it. In both cases (no pun intended) however, there was nothing keeping the devices from slipping out. Yes this case has straps for the top of the MacBook, but there is nothing holding it into the bottom of the case. Five stars if they fix that. These things are always beautiful. I will use it and on some level really like it. But I’m not sure what designers are thinking when they make cases which do no securely hold the devices for which they were intended.


2. I-Blason Heavy Duty Slim Rubberized Dual Layer MacBook Pro Case

I-Blason Heavy Duty Slim Rubberized Dual Layer MacBook Pro Case

Designed for Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch 2016 Release; Fits both regular and with Touch Bar and Touch ID version. Engineered, shock-absorbing ridges provide ultimate protection/Beveled edges engineered to securely fit MacBook.

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Review: Paul Ruseau

I took the plastic covers off that protect the top and bottom of the screen since I also bought the SlickWraps (in blue – not a perfect match in color, of course, but they look great together and probably better that they are not the same color). These two products combine VERY nicely! This case allows me to feel confident when holding my MacBook Pro, especially when picking it up. It fits like a glove!l


3. KEC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 15

KEC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 15

For those who are unfamiliar, there are different variants of MacBook notebook over the years. There are 3 versions of MacBook Pro 13 cases and 2 versions of MacBook Pro 15 cases which we are selling on Amazon. Therefore it is extremely important that you have selected the correct size (model number) so that you will receive the correct case for your MacBook.

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Review: June

This case came to me in the mail the other day, and I love it!! The watercolor print on the top is so pretty! The case is plastic and feels slightly rubberized on the top and bottom, which I really like. I have only had this case for a few days and I have received compliments on it. Definitely was a great buy!


4. ProCase MacBook Pro 15

ProCase MacBook Pro 15

This MacBook Pro case is from a reputable company, so you are assured of good quality. It adds just 1.2 mm in thickness and about 8 ounces to your laptop placing it among the lightest in this review. Although the price may give you the wrong impression, it effectively protects your Mac from scratches and scrapes.

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Review: Amazon Customer

I wanted something to protect my MacBook Pro from scratches as I move around with it a lot and this case offers great ease of mind and a good layer of protection. The case itself has a great fit on the Pro and snaps easily into place, no need for an obscene amount of force or anything like that. Some pictures I saw left me unsure how well it would “grab on” to the sides of the computer but its been holding great. I also thought that the placement of the “hooks” it has to grab onto would bother my wrists when typing but there have been no issues and I don’t even notice or feel them.


5. I-Blason Smooth Matte Frosted MacBook Pro Case

I-Blason Smooth Matte Frosted MacBook Pro Case

If your MacBook was launched any time before 2016, this case is not for you. It is compatible only with models from 2016 onwards.

The finishing and design of this model are what differs it from the other I-Blason MacBook Cases on this review. It has a fairly simple hard plastic design to give it minimal bulk while protecting your Mac against small falls and scratches. You have just four color options: pink, clear, blue or black.

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Review: Brian

I did a lot of research before purchasing. So when I finally got my new MacBook Pro with touchbar 15″ the moment I unboxed it I knew I needed to protect it and I didn’t want to take away any of the sleekness so I came across this great product it came to my door in 2 days I’m glad I bought this cover very good product

6. iDonzon Pink Marble MacBook Pro 15 inch Case

iDonzon Pink Marble MacBook Pro 15 inch Case

The iDonzon MacBook Pro case is made from polycarbonate material to give it some significant advantages over most cases. This high-quality construction is responsible for its lightweight and durable feel. It is compatible with models released from 2016 onwards.

The polycarbonate cover is easy to snap on and off and effectively protects your machine from scratches and scrapes. It offers your high laptop levels of support which is enhanced by its rubberized finish to prevent slippage while carrying it around. It also allows you to open and operate your laptop without any restriction to the screen angle and ports.

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Review:  V. Schmidt

I have had a hard shell case on my prior macbook pro for years and it has held up extremely well, not only providing a layer of protection but also dressing it up a bit – which helps to personalize your laptop if you carry it about and don’t want it mistaken for someone else’s. Just got my NEW macbook pro, which is a slightly different size and shape from my older one so first thing I wanted was a new cover for it.

7. MOSISO MacBook Pro 15

MOSISO MacBook Pro 15

The MOSISO case is made from polycarbonate material, slim, light weight and seamless, which is very flexible and durable, not esaily broken. Two pieces of durable polycarbonate covers protect your MacBook from scuffs and scratches. Snap on design, easy on and off. You can choose from various fashionable colors for your MacBook.

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Review: Amazon Customer

I am really happy and satisfied with this purchase. Loving the color! The Marsala Red color is true to the picture (really deep maroon color) and looks really good with my space gray Macbook Pro. I love the feel of the case and it does not make it bulky or add much weight.


8. Kuzy – MacBook Pro 15 Case

Kuzy - MacBook Pro 15 Case

Kuzy carry a wide variety of MacBook Accessories. You will love how our MacBook Pro 15 inch Case Rubberized finish feels when you’re holding your MacBook. It’s smooth but still provides a good grip on the MacBook for your peace of mind. You will be delighted with our MacBook Pro 15 inch Case Rubberized Product.

With each MacBook Pro case you’re getting more than a colorful accent — you’re getting complete protection that won’t get in the way of what you need to do. Maintain access to every major feature of a MacBook Pro, including vents that prevent overheating. So start browsing knowing that no matter what you pick, you’re getting the highest quality case!

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Review: Amazon Customer

This case is ideal for basic external coverage of my MacBook without added bulk, while the thin plastic covering is not built to handle rigorous abuse (no case truly is) it will protect the laptop from cosmetic damage over time. As some have noted the bottom piece does not cover along the hinge point, however, I enjoy being able to open my laptop and this is necessary to allow you to do so. I am very happy with the grey color of the case which is an excellent compliment to the beautiful space grey color of my MacBook.


9. iCasso MacBook Retina 15 Inch Protective Case

iCasso MacBook Retina 15 Inch Protective Case

The beauty of the iCasso MacBook case -wood is in its stylistic design. As in its name, the case comes with a beautiful wood texture. This gives it an elegant look and feels allowing you to make a pretty bold statement with it. This texture resembles a classic wooden desk and includes a matching wooden cover.

It has an easy on-off intuitive mechanism. On the downside, this cover is not meant to protect your laptop from falls as is the case with most on this list. It is only meant to protect it from scratches and bumps while giving it a classic look. You shouldn’t expose it to water as the wood may loose its quality.

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Review: Jessica

It fits great. The texture of the wood looking top is a nice rubbery feel with the hard protection underneath. Great product. I never like the feel of the keyboard covers no matter what but my last laptop had dog hair and crumbs all in there so it’s worth it plus the added benefit of matching beautifully.


10. MOSISO MacBook Pro 15 Inch PU Leather Case

MOSISO MacBook Pro 15 Inch PU Leather Case

I used to buy this design when it was made of leather and suede. The panel around the trackpad was made with suede and the rest was made with leather. I really liked it and it lasted a few years. My only problem with that model was that the suede was pale grayish color and it got dirty really quick unless I was really careful with it, and it was not easy to clean due to it being made of suede.

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Review: Ester

I used to buy this design when it was made of leather and suede. The panel around the trackpad was made with suede and the rest was made with leather. I really liked it and it lasted a few years. My only problem with that model was that the suede was pale grayish color and it got dirty really quick unless I was really careful with it, and it was not easy to clean due to it being made of suede. It did fit well and closing and opening my MacBook were very easy.


11. MacBook New Pro 15 Case

MacBook New Pro 15 Case

The Case ONLY Compatible With Apple 2018 & 2017 & 2016 Release Newest MacBook Pro 15 Inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID

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Review: Rose

I love my new case! Just what I was looking for. I like how the keyboard cover feels when I type. It is comfortable and looks great. However, the icons are a little off and the cover blocks the light (see pictures). Overall, great item! Thank you!


12.  Two L 3D Print Hard Shell Case Cover with Gradient Grey Keyboard Cover

Two L 3D Print Hard Shell Case Cover with Gradient Grey Keyboard Cover

There are two reasons why this is marred with positive reviews on most sites. One is the low price tag relative to the value. Most people expect it to be expensive from the looks only to be surprised.

But don’t you let its price fool your though. It comes as a package of two, including the stylish case and a keyboard cover. The cover has two pieces, the top, and the bottom. The top half is printed with a high-quality 3D painting to bring the images to life, which is the second reason lots of people love it.

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Review: Scott W.

Second, once installed, it is lighter, thinner and lower profile than expected. My late 2016 TB MBP is very well protected. I notice this especially when traveling, moving my computer in and out of in-room hotel safes. It is much, much easier now, with no worry about scratches.


13. TOP CASE – 2 in 1 Rubberized Hard Case and Matching Color Keyboard Cover

TOP CASE – 2 in 1 Rubberized Hard Case and Matching Color Keyboard Cover

Like our top pick, this TopCase rubberized hard case may actually be the most reviewed MacBook Case on Amazon. Most reviews (over 70%) fall within 4-5 stars. It looks just as well as it performs and can be used to protect your laptop from falls, scratches, and bumps while improving the overall look.

It is specially designed for you if you have a liking for funky designs. You have over 20 color and design options to pick from. A hard plastic cover makes up the top half of the unit. It is coated with a rubber finish to prevent slippages when carrying it around.

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Review: Lillian

This case is beautifully designed, it is simple and functional. The quality of the materials is higher than expected(great price). I was hesitant about the keyboard cover, with the keys being so flat… but it fits very snug… It does not slide around or get bunched up at all. The bottom of the case is excellent. Vented and the padded ‘feet’ are not just glued to the bottom of the case but built INTO the case, see photo. It means the padded ‘feet’ won’t fall off or leave a gunky mess. I am very satisfied with this purchase and have recommended it to my friends.


14. Kuzy Rubberized Hard Case for Older MacBook Pro


Most manufacturers tend to focus on new Mac models so finding one for older models may be tricky. It is at this point that the Kuzy rubberized case comes in. It is made to be compatible with all A1398 models (2012 -2015) and fits 15.4 displays.

This case fits your Mac snugly provided you get the right size, and allows you full access. Full access in this sense is it will enable you to open your MacBook all the way and gives you access to all the ports, almost as if you haven’t installed it.

While most cases go for the apple logo cutout, this Kuzy decided to cover it completely, but let it show through the case when your Mac is on. This case is made of plastic and finished with rubber paint to make it soft and smooth while preventing slippages while holding it.

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Review: Drew Lankford

I got this for my 15″ mackbook pro mainly because I travel with it every day and I also have a toddler that doesn’t understand the concept of expensive things and the metal finish on the MBP as you are no doubt aware, is extremely nice and would be a shame to scratch or dent up.

I wanted something that would retain the clean silver aesthetic and although the dbrand skins are high quality stuff (I have one on my nexus 6P) I wanted something that would offer some form of impact protection. The frosted color was the perfect solution. It still looks silver and from a distance, it’s actually hard to tell that there is a cover on it.

15. GranVela MacBook Notebook Premium Quality PU Leather Sleeve bag

GranVela MacBook Notebook Premium Quality PU Leather Sleeve bag

Superior durability case cover with shock-absorbing features. Good Quality PU Leather Case.All device features are accessible through cut-outs and openings. Magnetic closure design make sure your Macbook Air securely in place. Unique protective design allows operating your Macbook Air freely without removing the case

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Review: JavaMama

The sales associate at the Apple store warned me against a hard case for a MacBook because they can damage hinges. She advised that I purchase a sleeve instead. But I’ve got young kids and I could just see them doing something to my lovely new laptop! This case is easy to use and does a great job at protecting from scratches and wear and tear.