6 Tips To Choosing The Best Mens Wedding Rings

Best Mens Wedding Rings

Published on April 17th, 2021

A wedding ceremony is a one-day event, but the wedding rings are something you stay with forever. As such, you would want to make it special to you, and this boils down to finding the best piece.

When searching for mens wedding rings, there are a few things to consider in order to land the best find. The following are some of the tips you could use when choosing a man’s wedding ring.

1. Think Long-Term

Perhaps you want to be stylish, but have you thought about the future? Inasmuch as you want to choose a wedding ring that looks good and trendy, you also want to choose one that will remain appealing for many years to come.

This also boils down to the quality of the ring. The greater the quality, the longer you get to wear your ring without worrying about replacing it. It would help to check for a quality mark inside the band when shopping for your ring.

2. Size Matters

Another important factor you can’t turn a blind eye to is the size of the ring. Different times of the day, activities, and seasons will affect the size of your fingers.

It is important that you go for your final ring fitting when you are totally calm and relaxed. Weight gain, cold, heat, water retention, and exercise are all factors that cause your fingers to either shrink or expand.

You don’t want to end up getting a ring too tight or too loose because you went for your final fitting at the wrong time.

3. Narrow Down Your Choices

Choosing the right ring can be very overwhelming especially when you have multiple options to choose from.

There is gold, platinum, gemstones, diamonds, and so on. These can be confusing making it hard for you to settle for one option.

The best thing is to start with your style, decide whether you want a simple option or one with all the pizzazz.

Will you necessarily want your ring to match with that of your partner in terms of metal? These are some of the questions you should have answers to before going shopping as it will be easier to choose a good option without wasting a lot of time.

4. Don’t Wait For A Last-Minute Search

Waiting for the last minute is only going to mess you up. Once you have narrowed down your choices, the next thing to do is start trying on. But ensure that you give yourself enough time, at least 2-3 months before the wedding.

You don’t want to rush into jewel shops last minute then end up with a ring that you don’t even like.

This way, you can browse different stores and compare different prices for the best-fitting option for you. In fact, if you will need specific detailing like engraving, it might take up to a month to get it done.

5. Work With A Budget

It goes without saying, budgeting is vital. Jewelry can be expensive, so it is important to work with a specific budget as it helps to thin down your choices.

When you have a set budget, buying becomes easy because you can work within a certain range. But when setting your budget, decide the kind of ring you want and the details on it, for instance, engraving and embellishments might add to the cost of the ring.

So when setting your budget, do your research and account for such costs beforehand.

6. Your Lifestyle Matters

Your wedding ring is something you are going to wear most of the time, if not always, so you have to consider your lifestyle when choosing one.

For instance, carvings and gemstones might not be a good idea if you work with your hands. This is because they will trap dirt and on the other hand, might come loose. Instead, find a ring made of durable material such as platinum.

Bottom Line

Choosing a ring could be as exciting as getting married itself. You are choosing the object that is going to symbolize your union with your partner, so it is okay if you want something special and unique to you.

But you will also need to be smart if you want to find a ring that you will wear with pride for a very long time.

The search is going to be as easy or as hard as you make it to be. However, it doesn’t have to be hard as the above are some of the tips you could use to make the search easy and worthwhile.