The Best Resources For Local Events And Happenings

Make Your Event More Astounding

August 31st, 2018   |   Updated on September 11th, 2018

The weekend has arrived! Everyone around you is bound to have something planned for their Saturday night. But, what about you? Maybe you’re in the mood for excitement, but you don’t know where to start. Is there anything going on locally that’s worth your time (and dime)?

Event More Astounding
Fret no further, because your weekend adventures are only a few keystrokes away. There are dozens of online resources that you can use to search for local happenings.

Why waste time and gas money on road trips when there are plenty of attractions to be had right under your nose. Are you still doubtful? Well, here are four online resources to help you find local events and amusements.

1. Eventbrite

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Eventbrite is an easy-to-use app that will narrow down your searches with hawk-like precision. Download the app and enable your geo-location to get instant results.

Browse through local concerts, dinners, conventions, shows, and other venues. Each event is arrange in calendar form with preview images, location info, and start times.

Easily find free admission shows or purchase tickets securely through their app. If you register an account through the app, you can create your own event announcement.


2. DoStuff

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It’s all too easy to punch in your location and bring up dozens of events. What if none of them seem like your cup of tea? Maybe you need to try the DoStuff app to get a better vibe going.

DoStuff provides curated updates on events in major cities across the country, and even the globe. If you are lucky to live near one, you may be able to partake in over events curated by the coolest influencers on the net.

Some of these events can be free admission, others are secretive. This app will give you the right tips to sneak in.


3. ReferLocal

Let’s say your search options need to be narrower. You want to find a local hole-in-the-wall that’s within familiar city limits. ReferLocal is the online directory that’ll give you just that.

ReferLocal is like a search engine linking you to small businesses around your area. Start a search by entering your zip code. You can also enter in keywords like, “Scranton, PA nightlife,” and get articles about the best restaurants and venues in that area.

They even have their own marketplace where you can buy rare items from sellers across country. More importantly, you can sign up for their VIP membership to get exclusive coupon codes and deals not available anywhere else.


4. 10Times

These days everyone is about conventions. Whether they’re for comic books, science fiction, gaming, or even bridal apparel, conventions offers attendees the most entrainment for their dollars. 10Times is the best way to keep track of every convention, trade show, or expo that suits your interests.

10Times lists all events from every major city, state, and even nationality. Every search can be narrowed down by category. Want to find an anime convention near you? Select “Entertainment & Media” on the side menu, and enable location access on your browser.