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What Are The Best Ways To Celebrate World Environment Day 2017 ?

World Environment Day 2017

Published on May 31st, 2017

It’s time! Once again UN Environment seeks to make the biggest global call and mobilization for action on 5 June 2017, World Environment Day (WED).

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June. Let’s get together and celebrate this World Environment Day 2017 to reduce carbon emissions.

1. Adopt ‘green’ way of life

world environment day


2. Art made of recycled materials

environment day


3. Auctions to benefit an environmental project

world environment day 2017


4. Buy a fuel-efficient car

world environment day speech


5. Clean-up campaigns

environment day speech


6. Conferences on the environment

speech on world environment day


7. Debates on environment issues

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8. Donate to an environmental cause

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9. Environmental education programmes in schools

world environment day activities


10. Inform all your friends about WED

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11. Join an environmental group

environment day slogans


12. Keep your neighbourhood clean

world environment day slogans


13. March for the environment

slogan for environment


14. Organic farming/cooking

june 5 world environment day


15. Plant a tree

article on world environment day


16. Plastic bags: avoid them!

information on world environment day


17. Promotional material (t-shirts, stickers, bookmarks)

article on environment day


18. Rainwater harvesting

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19. Replace your light-bulbs with energy saving ones

slogans on world environment day


20. Save paper

short speech on world environment day


21. Sports activities

in which year was the first environment day celebrated


22. Switch off stand-by TV and computer

wed unep


23. Visits to botanical gardens and national parks

world enviromental


24. Volunteer for organizations such as Clean Up the World

world environment day


25. Waste less!

environment day


26. Workshops

world environment day speech


27. Xchange ideas

environment day speech

source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com