Lions Astonishing Response In The Wake Of Seeing Lady Who Had Raised Them For First Time In Seven Years


August 29th, 2017   |   Updated on September 5th, 2017

One lion is captured closing its eyes to enjoy the touching moment. The big cats come bounding over to hug, paw and lick their long-lost friend in an emotional reunion

TWO lions proved that diamond’s are not a girl’s only friend – during a heartfelt reunion with the woman who raised them after seven years. The beautifully groomed big cats were filmed running towards the gate of Malkia Zoo in Slovakia the moment they sensed their first owner was near.

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The lions came running towards a gate when they spotted the woman who had helped them when they were tiny. They can be seen leaping, standing on their hind legs and putting their front paws around her neck as if giving her a great big hug. She hugs them back as the large animals act like domestic pets and try to rub themselves all over her before licking her face.

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The lions open their paws out and give the woman a really big hug – one lion is captured closing its eyes to enjoy the moment. The woman almost in tears fully embraces them as they lick her face and play with her hair. She couldn’t look after them anymore when they outgrew her. The heartwarming video comes weeks after a “lion-whisperer” was filmed leaping into a river and playing with wild big cats. The abandoned lion cubs were lying in a ditch when Kevin Richardson rescued them in South Africa.

They hadn’t seen each other for seven years, The lions seemed happy to see her



Although seven years had gone by, the cubs were seemed over the moon when she came to visit them

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The woman gave the cubs to a zoo in Switzerland when they became too big for her

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The woman was almost reduced to tears as the big cats opened their paws out to give her a big hug



The lions ran over to embrace the woman who raised them when they were newborn cubs

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See the family play with lioness like it’s a domestic pet


Super cute reaction: Lions Malkia and Adelle hug their godmother

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