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Touching Moment Bunny Finds A Very Unusual Hiding Place Under A Giraffe

Bizarre Moment A Giraffe Met A Pet Rabbit

Published on July 30th, 2017

Friendship can be found in the most unusual places and sizes. Ayesha Cantor, owner of the Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa, was driving with her 21-year-old daughter Tammaryn when they spotted something that made them hit the brakes and get their cameras out.

She noticed one giraffe seemed to be preoccupied by something on the ground – and was amazed when she realised it was a domestic rabbit. She said: ‘My daughter and I were taking a late Sunday afternoon game drive around the park.

Bunny Finds A Very Unusual Hiding Place Under A Giraffe
‘The light was lovely so on coming across a group of giraffes I stopped to snap a few sunset giraffe pics. ‘One giraffe kept bending down, we did not immediately realise why he was doing that. And then we saw the bunny.’Ayesha said the bunny looked like a domestic rabbit and as there are a few houses which neighbour the park, she thinks it’s likely to be an escaped pet.

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She said: ‘We were fascinated and delighted by its interactions with the giraffe. The bunny seemed totally unfazed and even comfortable and relaxed under the feet of the giraffe.’At one stage he even rolled onto his back as though expecting a tummy tickle.’The giraffe was very gentle and also seemed curious, and playful, scampering with head tosses after the bunny when he moved along. Pet rabbit finds a VERY unusual hiding place under a giraffe.

Kragga Kamma game park in South Africa

Photographer Ayesha Cantor is taking a game drive near the Kragga Kamma game park in South Africa when she spots this statuesque giraffe with something lurking by its feet



On closer inspection, she realises a small rabbit is casually nestled in the grass as the giraffe towers above it



The wild giraffe doesn’t appear to be familiar with the creature hiding by its feet and investigates further with a sniff



The bold bunny is most likely a pet escaped from one of the houses neighbouring the park



Ayesha speculates that perhaps the rabbit has made a strategic choice to stand next to this massive mammal for protection from predators – or for shade from the sun



The photographer, who lives near the game park, says if a jackal or caracal had got their claws into the rabbit it would have been game over



The rabbit seemed totally unfazed and even comfortable and relaxed under the feet of the giraffe, according to Ayesha


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It’s hardly the classic outback scene that wildlife photographers expect to snap on safari – but this is the bizarre moment a giraffe appears to make friends with a domestic bunny rabbit.