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How This Real-Life Driveable BMW Transformer By Letrons Will Make Your Life Awesome!


October 19th, 2016   |   Updated on October 22nd, 2016

They call it ANTIMON but what they should call it, simply AWESOME! Rather, much more than awesome!

Loved watching Transformers, the Hollywood thriller about toys and cars that turn into robots? Well it’s a reality now.

Thanks to a group of Engineers from the Turkish company, Letrons,  who have built from a BMW into a real-life, giant robot complete with powerful arm movements and a creepy cyborg face. Truly a functional BMW Transformer!

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Still not believing us? O.K, then take a look at these pictures and be prepared to have your whole world turned upside down!

Not just another red BMW



It looks like something out of a movie!



You’ve got to be kidding me!






Check it out up close!


It’s a fully functional Transformer! Having said that, maybe not FULLY functional. It is a driveable vehicle, it isn’t yet prepared to be driven in traffic. Although you can still drive it around via remote control when it’s in car mode.


Watch the videoVideo: Letrons Show

Want one for you? Who doesn’t? However, Letrons has yet to determine a price but you can bet it will be a bit hefty. Check out their website for more details.

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