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Breathtaking Destination Wedding Photography Locations: A Pair Of Newlyweds Created The Ultimate Wedding Album


Published on November 21st, 2016

Getting married is a very personal commitment that you share with your family and friends. And, the place of wedding adds more colors to your wedding. And that’s why your wedding destination must be perfect.

Photographer Karol Nienartowicz and his wife took a 45-day honeymoon. Pair travelled through Norway and Sweden capturing unique images. Braved autumn weather and hiked to take 580 photographs

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There is an ultimate wedding album: Couple drive 6,200 miles to capture stunning shots of the bride in her dress gazing at epic mountain landscapes

Marriage is a leap of faith: A pair of newlyweds created the ultimate wedding album



Rather than unwinding on a far-flung beach for their honeymoon, the pair headed into the wilds of Norway and Sweden to create a spell-binding series of bridal photos


Photographer Karol Nienartowicz and his wife took a 45-day honeymoon hiking to isolated and breath-taking locations



Somewhere under the rainbow:  a powerful photographic motif of a lone bride juxtaposed against nature’s epic beauty



Wearing her actual wedding gown in each shot, bride’s frolics on beaches evoking a sense of celebration at her newly married status



The bride looks at picturesque sunset


The bride looks striking against a dreamy backdrop of Trolltunga, or ‘Trolls tongue’ in Norway



This magical shot before a waterfall



The pair camped, braved autumnal weather and hiked to find the isolation necessary for their spectacular shots



The bride would throw her wedding gown on top of her hiking gear to achieve the image the photographer wanted to create



 A rugged Tolkien-esque backdrop dwarfs the bride as she stands on a boulder



Making friends along the way, the bride and a dog bask in the sunshine amid a spectacular panorama



Mr Nienartowicz said: ‘In order to reach less popular destinations, we struggled through mud and swamps, climbing over steep rocks and sloping grasslands’



They travelled 6,200 miles by car and walked 99miles with the bridal gown stuffed into a backpack for impromptu shoots



Fantasy adventure: The pair headed off on the trip two weeks after their wedding



The pair slept in tents during their trip and lugged up to 25kg each around with them



The pair were treated to some of the most incredible scenes during their honeymoon including the aurora borealis



The couple took 580 photos on their trip and adore 30 of the images



The happy couple have cherished memories and pictures in some of the world’s most romantic settings


Sweden and Norway delivered a suitably epic start to the next phase of their life’s journey together



This shot of the couple gazing at an alien landscape is both poignant and beautiful



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