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Brie Larson Quotes

December 10th, 2019   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2023

Brie Larson is also known as Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers. She is an American actress and filmmaker and the lady has been listed as 100 most influential people in the world in 2019.

The actor was born in California and was homeschooled. When she was only six years old, she became one of the youngest to attend a training program at the American Conservatory Theater.

Very soon she relocated to Los Angeles and started her acting career in the year 1998. She started appearing as a regular in the 2001 sitcom.

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Her breakthrough role came in the year 2012 and 2013. She won Academy award for the best actress in the year 2015 for the role of a Kidnapping victim in the year 2015.

Her very first adventure film which came out in the year 2017, Kong: Skull Island was her very first big-budget release.

The lady has also co-written and co-directed some of the short films like The Arm. The short film received special appreciation at the Sundance film festival.

She has also been a gender equality activist and also some of the sexual assault survivors.

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In the past, she has also joined with 300 other women in Hollywood for the Time’s Up initiative to protect women from harassment and indiscrimination.

She is also quite vocal about her social and political issues. She has also done various fundraising shows and associations to raise some money for a good cause.

But when it comes to her personal life, then the lady goes all private and declines to answer any questions about the same.

Brie Larson Quotes

1. I Think More Things Are Becoming Socially Acceptable. I Think That Just By Having More Media, Whether That’s Tv Or The Internet, We’re Able To See More Things. – Brie Larson

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2. I Know How To Have A Conversation, But I’ve Never Done Improv. I’ve Never Taken Improv Classes. – Brie Larson


3. Whenever You Want Something That You’re Not Going To Get, Suddenly The Whiney 3-Year-Old Comes Out In You. – Brie Larson


4. Maybe You’re Not Perfect, But You’re Willing To Actually Look At Yourself And Take Some Kind Of Accountability. That’s A Change. It Might Not Mean That You Can Turn Everything Around, But I Think There’s Something Incredibly Hopeful About That. – Brie Larson


5. It’s Very Scary To Allow The World To See You. – Brie Larson


6. I Was 3 When I Told My Mom That I Knew What My Dharma Was And That I Wanted To Be An Actor. – Brie Larson


7. For Me, The Dumbest Rule Is That You Can’t Chew Gum In School. For Some Reason, Chewing Gum For Me Gets My Brain Going. – Brie Larson


8. I Wasn’t Interested In Going To School Dances. I Wasn’t Interested In Going To Football Games. What I Wanted Was To Be In My Room Painting My Walls And Doing Weird Stuff. That’s What I Wanted And I Got To Do What I Wanted, So That, To Me, Is My High School Experience. – Brie Larson


9. I’m So Used To Swimming With The Piranhas. And They’re Really Not That Bad. – Brie Larson


10. I Was The Type Of Person That Would Show A Powerpoint Presentation About Why I Should Do Something Versus Crying And Screaming Over It. – Brie Larson

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11. I Had A Tough Time Fitting In, As I Guess Most Kids Do. I Felt Like School Was Kind Of A Grand Opportunity To Figure Yourself Out And To Figure Out What You Wanted. – Brie Larson

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12. I Didn’t Go To Prom – I Was Homeschooled. – Brie Larson


13. I Didn’t Have Regular School Experience And Wanted A More Abstract Way Of Learning. I Started Exploring Lots Of Different Creative Ways. It Gave Me The Opportunity To Travel And Play Music, So It Was Good For Me. – Brie Larson


14. I Think It Starts To Feel Really Redundant When You Start To Do Something The Same Way Over And Over Again. I Don’t Think It’s Good To Become So Dependent On A Certain Writing Process. – Brie Larson


15. I Know That I’m An Actor And I Guess I Could Kind Of Put On An Act, But It Takes So Much More Time To Be Someone You Are Not. I Feel So Much Better Just Being Comfortable With Myself And Hopefully, Girls Will Accept That. – Brie Larson


16. It’s Really Hard To See Yourself And To Recognize That You Are A Human Being Like Everybody Else. You Just Think Everybody’s Judging You. – Brie Larson

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17. Lately, I’ve Been Getting Too Much Attention With The Met Gala And Work Going So Well That I Try To Find Rejection In My Day. I’ll Seek Out Someone On The Street Or At The Farmers’ Market And Ask For Something Where I Know They’ll Say No. No One Likes Rejection, But It’s Real. And I Don’t Want To Lose That Feeling. – Brie Larson


18. I Was Home-Schooled, Was Always Very Close With My Mom And Was Very Straight-Laced And Square. I Was Never The Rebellious One, And I Never Threw Hissy Fits. – Brie Larson


19. Sometimes I Laugh With My Parents, And Sometimes I Yell At Them, And Both Are Therapeutic. – Brie Larson


20. I Have A Sister And Her Name Is Mimsy, Like From ‘Alice In Wonderland,’ So We’ve Got Some Strange Names In Our Family.


21. In The Past, I’ve Been Very Into The Falling Part, Very Into The Swimming In The Dark, Deep Emotional Water. ‘rampart’ I Really Went Into It And It Took Me Three Times As Long To Get Out Of That Depression As It Did To Just Do The Scenes. I Had To Learn To Give It My All And Then Go Home And Laugh. – Brie Larson

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22. I’m Learning With The Older That I Get That Some Feelings Are Just Universal And That I’m Not The Only One Who Hates Their Hair Or Their Life At Times. – Brie Larson


23. Singing Is An Incredible Expression And Something That Is Important To Me, But Where I Feel Comfortable With How Much I Reveal About Myself Is Acting. I Enjoy The Characters, The Costumes, The Wigs And Just Being A Chameleon. – Brie Larson