BTS’ Jungkook Turns 24, Celebrates The Occasion With 2.5 Hour Live Session

BTS Jungkook

September 1st, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

BTS’s ability to love and reciprocate their fans is one of the main reasons they have gathered such a large fan base. Jungkook, the youngest member of the septet, held a live virtual session with his fans in celebration of his 24th birthday.

The live session was made even more memorable by the fact that the singer composed songs from birthday messages sent by his fans.

Jungkook posted a photo on Weverse, a fan app, one day before his birthday and asked for birthday wishes in the form lyrics. Jungkook recorded a live session and composed songs in his soothing voice using the notes.

Jungkook also used instruments such as guitar to add music and rhythm to his spontaneous song composition sessions.

BTS Army was clearly thrilled when nearly 20 million people joined the VLive session in order to see the golden maknae sing and compose songs for them. As Jungkook interacted with his fans, many people shared their reactions on social media.

One BTS fan shared photos from the live session, and said in shock that Jungkook had been live on Vapp for two hours and gave a free concert.

The birthday note from a fan, which read “For every day I miss you, for every hour I need you” was the inspiration for one of the songs the singer wrote.

Every minute of every day, I feel you. Every second, I want to you.” One of the fans praised Jungkook for creating his song and said, “This is even more lovelier than receiving a Soundcloud song. He’s sharing his music-making process.

J-Hope joined the VLive session and sang the birthday song.