Building Inspector And Its Different Types

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Published on November 16th, 2018

Building and construction inspectors play a pivotal part to ensure that the structures and buildings which people enter and exit are safe. Inspectors today are available in different types. The role of an inspector will entail checking the safety and structural integrity of skyscrapers, offices and other buildings.

It is the inspector that will help in determining if the materials utilised are ideal and whether components such as their elevation, level and alignment comply with the set standards.

Types Of Inspectors

Plumbing Inspecto

When it comes to hiring a building inspector, you need to get familiarised with the different types,

  • Home Inspector- This form of the inspector will specialise to inspect existing residential dwellings or newly constructed buildings like previously owned homes, condominiums and townhomes. The home inspector will see the structural quality via seeing the condition of these- refrigerator systems, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical and heating, plumbing, exterior and interior walls, carport and roofing. A homeowner who plans to sell their home can hire a home inspector for checking their home and determining its value before putting the same up for sale.
  • Plan Examiners- They are inspectors who check whether the plans for any structure or building follow the standards and building codes. They will ensure that the structure can withstand the engineering demands and the environmental stresses of a specific site. On the contrary, the specification inspector will work for building owners as well as owners of other structures. He will ensure that the building gets constructed as per the specifications mentioned in the plan. Financial institutions and insurance firms too hire their services often.
  • Electrical Inspectors- They will scrutinise the installed electrical system for determining whether it works as it should as well as follow the different standards and electrical codes. He will see the wiring, sound systems, security systems, lighting, generating equipment, motors and the installed wiring of HVAC systems, refrigeration and other appliances.
  • Plumbing Inspector- They will check if the installation of the drinking water system is proper or not and if the water is safe to drink and potable. A plumbing inspector will also inspect the industrial piping as well as check whether the waste disposal is in a sanitary manner or not.
  • Public Work Inspector- he or she is a construction inspector that will check whether the dams, highways, bridges, streets, sewer and water systems of the local, state and federal government is as per the specifications mentioned in the contract. The public work inspector will see that the different operations included in the construction of any public work project will not go against the previously signed agreement’s terms. Resting on their expertise, this form of building inspector will specialise to check reinforced concrete, highways, structural steel, dredging operations and ditches.
  • Fire Prevention Inspector- To prevent a fire is vital because any building which does not cater to the fire codes will be fire hazards that can endanger lives potentially and also the other infrastructure which surrounds it. The job to ensure that a building complies with the fire standards and codes to fire investigators and inspectors that are also regarded as building and construction inspectors.

Apart from these the other types of inspectors include elevator and coating inspectors. So, choose one that suits your needs perfectly.