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Things To Consider While Buying Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels

Published on September 15th, 2018

Wheels and adventure go hand in hand! And every adventure lover can never have enough of it. What’s even better is the variety in which the wheels are available today.

And this provides ample opportunities for longboard and skateboard wheel lovers to browse online and get the wheels of their choice.

Most of these wheels are composed of Polyurethane. The material gives the longboard wheel a very tight grip and also makes them bouncy.

The wheels are available in a range of trendy colors. Earlier these wheels get made of clay, rubber or even metal. The new age longboard wheels thankfully aren’t built the same way.

Buying Longboard Wheels

Furthermore, today the conventional wheels are being replaced with new and advanced forms. One of the latest styles is the helical wheels that look unique and have excellent utility as well. Several service providers are showcasing this wheel variant today.

To know more you can browse through and have access to exciting details. Let’s delve deep into the features and benefits of these wheels.

The wheel width and the contact path

Simply put, the contact path is the wheel width that touches the ground level every time you ride. So, when the contact patch is more extensive, it offers extra grip. However, the slide is slightly less progressive. But your chances of receiving flat spots will be much less.

On the other hand, the narrow wheels are a slider and loosely held. However, they are known to wear off quickly and egg more easily. It’s because there’s equal weight on a small section of the wheel.

Things to consider while buying a longboard wheel

1. The wheel size

Longboard Wheels

It is one of the most crucial decisions that you need to take when you are opting in for longboard wheels. These wheels are usually between 80mm in diameter. The most common size is 70mm in diameter. The bigger wheels move slowly with high top speed.

Its case efficiently runs through the debris and road cracks. On the other hand, the small longboard wheel is perfect for the setups. It accelerates at a fast speed.

2. The wheel lips

Wheel lips usually mean the external edges. The wheel lips will have a lot to say the moment you take a ride. If the wheel lips are thick square or sharp, then it will give your wheels better grip. On the other hand, a rounder lip enables the longboard wheel to break traction easier than ever.

Furthermore, it helps to provide a seamless and smooth transition from the grip to the slip. It’s because of this a wheel with sharp lips is most preferred for downhill terrains. And the round lipped wheels make an excellent freeride choice.

3. The Durometer

Longboard Wheels_1

The durometer assesses the hardness of the wheel. Majority of the longboard wheels come with a durometer ranging between 75 and 88a, which makes them slightly soft than the conventional skateboard wheels of 90 and 101a.

Hence, the lower durometer longboard wheels provide extra grip and roll slowly. Whereas the tall durometer longboard offers less grip, but move much faster.

There are many other considerations that you can make when you’re purchasing a longboard wheel.  You can start by considering these three above discussed factors and move on to the rest depending on your requirements and preferences.