Call Of Duty Down Today: Log-In Unavailable

Call Of Duty Down

August 29th, 2023   |   Updated on January 18th, 2024

Call of Duty is a popular first-person shooter video game franchise developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games.

It debuted in 2003 and spans multiple installments, each set in various historical or futuristic settings.

Known for its intense multiplayer mode and cinematic campaigns, it’s a staple in gaming culture.

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Is Call Of Duty Down Today?

We’re aware of the ongoing issues with Call of Duty as reported on

Many players are encountering common problems like server connection issues and gameplay disruptions.

Users like Jack have experienced frustrating setbacks; he logged into MW2 only to find his progress reset, missing operators, and default profiles for friends. We’ve been actively investigating these problems since August 29, 01:08:14.

Call of Duty Down Today


Social media is abuzz with Call of Duty players sharing their reports of game issues. One user describes difficulties while trying to play the game, as Call of Duty experiences downtime.

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Why Call Of Duty Down Today

Mark your calendars: On August 29th from 12 AM to 2 AM PT, scheduled maintenance is in the works. Kindly note that players won’t be able to access Call of Duty titles during this period.

Update 1 [ 30 September 2023 ]

Many users are facing issues with the Call of Duty game. If you are facing issues with its servers or while playing, you are not alone; many others are facing the same issue.

Update 2 [ 17 November 2023 ]

At 4:47 PM (IST), Many Call of Duty users are facing server connection issues with the game Warzone, including server and packet burst issues, causing it not to work properly.

Update 3 [ 21 November, 2023 ]

At 4:36 AM (IST), Call of Duty users reported issues with DMZombies Camo challenges not unlocking on MW3. Some users are also experiencing being kicked for inactivity and having difficulties with RGL-80 tracking (FORGED) objectives on PC.

Update 4 [ 08 December, 2023 ]

At 11:42 AM (IST), many users reported issues with Call of Duty, encountering the Diver error code. Call of Duty Multiplayer is not working, and on Xbox, users are facing the same issue with Call of Duty.

Update 5 [ 13 December, 2023 ]

At 4:03 AM (IST), many Call of Duty users reported that the server is down. Users are unable to log in, with a major issue affecting 75% related to server connection, 19% to login, and 7% to gameplay.


Update 6 [ 11 Jan, 2024 ]

At 06:36 AM (IST), many users reported errors in the Call of Duty game. One user reported that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in-game chat is not working, while another mentioned a possible glitch with Call of Duty tokens.

Update 7 [ 16 January, 2024 ]

Several users reported issues with Call of Duty: Warmageddon skin not appearing on the LTV, and losing all gear when the game crashes in Zombies. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Update 8 [ 18 January, 2024 ]

Many users reported issues with Call of Duty. They mentioned that the game is down, with users stating that the Call of Duty game is completely broken. Although the Call of Duty store is working, Warzone is experiencing problems, not loading, and is unplayable on PC.

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