Carrie Underwood Makes A Splash In A Colourful Tiny Bikini

Carrie Underwood made the most of some rare free time yesterday on a romantic visit to a lake with her husband Mike Fisher. The happy couple soaked up the sun and cooled off in the clear waters at the serene spot in Canada. Carrie showed off her svelte figure in a black string bikini with eye-popping rainbow trim as she relaxed in the warm weather.

Carrie Underwood showed off her svelte figure at a lakeside spot in Canada

carrie underwood

Carrie showed off her curvy form in a black string bikini with an eye-popping rainbow trim

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Carrie arrived sporting an American flag tank top and Daisy Dukes while her husband got straight into the water

carrie underwood swimsuit

Carrie was clearly delighted that the weather was so great as she spent most of her day working on her golden tan

carrie underwood swimwear

Carrie also tried her hand at paddleboarding during the fun day at the lake after slipping on a lifejacket

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When she started out her session Carrie played it safe and remained sat on the board while handling the oar

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After a while of taking things slow with the paddleboarding Carrie hopped up and stood on the board

carrie underwood bikini photos

With her sexy curves it's no surprise Carrie isn't shy of showing off her figure in a bikini

carrie underwood bathing suits

While Carrie chatted to a female friend Mike decided to entertain himself by jumping into the water

carrie underwood legs

Mike seemed to be having fun making a splash as he avoided the girl talk

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Mike seemed to be having a fantastic time as he sped around on a jet ski while Carrie sunbathed nearby

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