Cat Swallowed By A Snake In Thailand And Made To “Cough It Back” By Cat-owner With The Help Of Police

Cat Swallowed By A Snake

September 8th, 2017   |   Updated on August 4th, 2021

Enormous 17ft-long python swallowed pet cat after slithering into a Thai home. Horrified owner Saowarak Charoen, 59, spotted the snake and called police. Two policemen and three animal rescuers all attended the bizarre call out.

A 17ft-long python that killed and swallowed a beloved pet cat was forced to spit out the poor “moggy” by its heartbroken owner. The enormous snake swallowed the ginger tabby named “Bobo” after slithering into a home in Pathum Thani, Thailand, on Wednesday morning.

It then curled up under the kitchen sink in a comfy place to digest the three-year-old cat weighing around 3kg. The python opened its mouth wide and curled up its body to slowly release Bobo the cat.

Owner Saowarak spotted the snake’s tail poking out from her kitchen cupboard. But horrified owner Saowarak Charoen, 59, spotted the stodged serpent when she arrived home and called police.

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Two policemen, three animal rescuers and a reporter arrived a short time later and dragged out the snake with an enormous bulge in its stomach. The men then moved and twisted the python to force it to regurgitate family pet Bobo, which appeared feet-first from its jaws covered in slime. The stomach-churning scenes were caught on camera.

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Devastated owner Saowarak, who keeps two other cats, said she had now buried Bobo in the garden. Bobo’s legs were the first thing to emerge from the snake’s mouth. The python had already begun to digest Bobo after killing and swallowing him.

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The python was dragged out and forced to spit out the slime-covered pet cat after Bobo’s owner discovered it in her house. The stomach-churning moment the ginger tabby cat was regurgitated was caught on camera after animal rescuers twisted the python to force it to spit out the pet

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I went to the kitchen noticed the cupboard under the sink was open,’ she said. ‘There was a tail pointing out of it and I thought the snake was small, so I ran outside and called the police. ‘When they arrived they said it was enormous. I was shocked. ‘I get upset every time I think about poor Bobo and how he died.

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Wildlife officers measured the python to be just over five meters long. They later released the snake back into the wild. Police in the Khu Bang Luang district of the province confirmed they helped with the rescue operation.

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Disgusting Moment Enormous Snake Regurgitates Ginger Pet Cat

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