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What Would My Cat Do If I Suddenly Died? Kitty Reaction Was Priceless!!

Cats Fakes His Own Death

March 24th, 2018   |   Updated on March 26th, 2018

We all think that Cats have got immense attitude! But do they, in real?

Cats are often regarded as the most uncaring, selfish and ruthless creatures. But are they actually? As someone who shares the home with two little ones, this person here has made a video that proves that they are not entirely selfish.

Published on the YouTube channel, ‘The Mean Kitty ‘, this video is captioned with ‘What would my cat do if I suddenly died?

How would your pets react?’ Scroll Down:


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The owner of this channel has two different kitties in his house out of which one is named Sparta, and the other Loki. Sparta knew from the video ‘The Mean Kitty Song’ that went popular before and has around 80 million of views till date has been pranked in this video. According to the pet’s owner, Sparta is a Bengal mix and is born in 2007.

Every year, he celebrates the birthday of the Kitty on May 20th. The owner says that Sparta has rescued him once back in July 2007 and ever since they both were inseparable. Sparta loves to spend her free time wrestling, chewing toys, stalking, playing fetch and loves when she’s held like a little baby.

Loki, on the other hand, is a white kitty that is almost similar to a cow. As tall as it is, the owner says it is as well possible for Loki to be a partial monkey. Aged about the same, Loki’s birthday is also celebrated on the same day and this one has come to his lab a year after Sparta.

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Clearly, a cat person as he is, Loki loves making weird noises, playing with toys, poking things with his paws and hanging upside down. More than all the things mentioned, he loves to love and receive love!

According to this owner of two, whenever he’s about to break down, one of the cats will run to him and push her head into his hand or sit next to him, cuddle him for extreme support. There is no proof that they are looking for attention, but deep inside, he knows that these two tiny fellas are looking to reduce his stress.

Sparta, a 10-year Mean Kitty is pranked so that she would expose her soft side when her daddy is in trouble. In this video, the owner pretends that he has collapsed to death and the reaction of Sparta will make you giggle.

Initially, confused by the sudden incident, she went confused and went to check his blood smell, pulse and later his kidneys as well. Somehow, knowing that he’s okay; she in order to seek revenge on his dad’s prank lied down and pretended to be dead as well.

Video: YouTube

The dramatics of the catch appalled the owner and made us laugh, but the initial minutes when he clutched his heart and fell, clearly made her perturbed, proving that not all cats are jerks , all the time.