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35 Cats Who Can’t Hide Their Christmas Cheer

Cat christmas

November 30th, 2016   |   Updated on November 23rd, 2018

Its Christmas time and unless you are plain insane, you will certainly want your kitty to share the Christmas joys.

She will thankfully reward with feline mews and strengthen the bond you already share.

Many among us feel the Christmas joys are for us humans. They are sadly terribly mistaken. The feline creatures have an awesome sixth sense. They can mimic your joys when you find them swiftly jumping on to your bed or sofa and cuddling with you to share the warmth.

So when you are joyous this Christmas your pussy cat will also dance in joy.

If you don’t want to ruin your Christmas be polite, gentle, and warm to your feline pet and shower all your care on them as you would do your kid.

If you neglect your kitty, she will definitely notice it. And then you might notice the sad looks on your kitty and feel bad about it.

Your kitty is the most adorable and innocent creature in your world. See these photos to believe it.


1. I will absorb all its powers and then CRUSH IT.


2. No picture has ever screamed “bah humbug” more.


3. He will conquer his foe if it’s the last thing he does.


4. “Me? Destroy the tree? I would never!”


5. “I will make you suffer for this.”


6. The look when he realized he was stuck.




8. “This is the woooorst.” “We are so giving them ‘lumps of coal’ in their shoes tonight.”


9. It’s all about the angles.


10. “Santa can shove it.”


11. “We must make sure nothing survives!!”


12. “…you never saw me, got it?”


13. “Good thing I don’t care about being on the ‘nice’ list.”



14. “There, happy? Now get this crap out of my sight.”


15. “Ahem, I don’t see my name on any of these.”


16. “This is embarrassing. For you.”


17. “Tell me your evil secrets…”


18. “Really? This again? Didn’t we just do this last year?”


19. “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”


20. “Seriously, you’ve taken 20 photos already!”


21. “Welp, this is what I get for laughing at the dog last year.”


22. Activating his “Santa Claws” in 3…2…


23. “You call that a tree? Pft.”


24. Actively not making eye contact with the creepy Santa behind him.


25. “Ugh, you don’t even taste good.”


26. This cat who wants to be just like Santa when he grows up.



27. This cat who only hangs out with other like-minded friends.



28. This cat who is literally BEGGING for Christmas day to be here.



29. This cross-eyed kitty who isn’t sure if he’s doing this present thing right, but knows it’s the thought that counts.



30. This cat who’s getting a *little* nervous about the fact that he may have ended up on the naughty list this year.



31. Christmas will be mine!’: Forget the Grinch, it’s our cats and dogs attempting to ruin the festive period



32. Oh hi, you’re home early…’: This moggy is merely assisting with the enormous amount of food to be eaten



33. ‘Don’t ask. But yes, I could use some help’: One cat manage to get himself in a rather precarious situation



34. Just wait until they see my surprise’: A feline makes a valiant attempt to become the star atop a tree



35. And what?’: Some pets are totally unapologetic about the havoc they wreak on our Christmas plans



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