25 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 50

25 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are 50 Now

March 3rd, 2017   |   Updated on June 11th, 2020

Some of these people have a painting that ages for them, like the one that must hang in the 44-year-old Paul Rudd’s attic.  Some of them we grew up with, so they feel timeless to us like they shouldn’t age ever. But all of them are 50 now — or getting there.

The youngest person to make the list was Halle Berry, who I realize is still three years away but merits recognition anyway for looking amazing. ‘Cause whatever alien semen she’s injecting into her face, I want in. Suck on that, ageism.

1. Steve Carell (51)


Famous role: The Office

2. Lenny Kravitz (49)


Famous role: Taking off his pants in music videos

3. Ralph Macchio (50)

Ralph Macchio

Famous role: The Karate Kid

4. Jennifer Beals (49)

Jennifer Beals

Famous role: Flashdance (if you’re straight), The L Word (if you aren’t)

5. John Corbett (52)

John Corbett

Famous role: The guy in Sex and the City you actually liked

6. Tom Cruise (51)

Tom Cruise

Famous role: The man who stained Oprah’s couch

7. Phoebe Cates (50)

Phoebe Cates

Famous role: America’s masturbatory fantasy after Fast Times at Ridgemont High

8. Tori Amos (50)

Tori Amos

Famous role: America’s depressed folky sweetheart

9. Kelly Lebrock (53)

Kelly Lebrock

Famous role: Weird Science

10. Julianne Moore (52)

Julianne Moore

Famous role: America’s second-favorite Sarah Palin

11. Brad Pitt (49)

Brad Pitt

Famous role: Being inside Jennifer Aniston for a decade

12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (52)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Famous role: Your favorite Seinfeld character

13. Denzel Washington (58)

Denzel Washington

Famous role: Being the only black actor your mom likes

14. Dylan Mcdermott (51)

Dylan Mcdermott

Famous role: American Horror Story

15. Marc Jacobs (50)

Marc Jacobs

Famous role: Sofia Coppola’s bestie

16. Johnny Depp (50)

Johnny Depp

Famous role: Being Tim Burton’s siamese twin

17. Coolio (50)


Famous role: Getting mad at Weird Al

18. Tony Goldwyn (53)


Famous role: President McDreamy on Scandal

19. Ellen Degeneres (54)

Ellen Degeneres

Famous role: The white Oprah

20. Andie Macdowell (55)

Ellen Degeneres

Famous role: Ruining Four Weddings and a Funeral

21. Ming NA (49)

Ellen Degeneres

Famous role: The voice of Mulan

22. Sarah Jessica Parker (48)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Famous role: The internet’s favorite person to compare to a horse

23. Michael Jordan (50)

Michael Jordan

Famous role: Space Jam, forever

24. James Marsters (51)

James Marsters

Famous role: Your dirty Buffy sexual fantasies

25. Rob Lowe (49)

Rob Lowe

Famous role: Being the guy who never ages