How To Choose The High-Speed Rotary Die Cutting Tool

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December 9th, 2018   |   Updated on April 14th, 2023

Die cutting has existed for decades and there have been several modifications over the years. This versatile fabrication process is mainly used in numerous manufacturing processes such as cutting, forming, and shaping of a rolled up metal.

But the traditional die cutting methods were not very accurate and with the introduction of customized designs, the cuttings methods had to go through several changes.

Nowadays, there are many new die cutting methods that are used and they are all customized such as laser, press, flatbed, and the most of popular of them all, high-speed rotary die cutting.

Choose The High-Speed Rotary Die Cutting Tool

One of the reasons why the high-speed rotary die cutting tool became an instant hit is that it was best suited for high volume projects. Automatically, the companies that were involved in cutting thousands of metals in one day preferred to use this tool instead of others.

Also, the fact that the rotary die cutting tool featured quick turnovers and little waste kept them way ahead of its competitors.

How does it work?

If you see the machine of a rotary die cutting tool, you will understand how simple the technique of the cutting is. There is a heavy cylindrical anvil that has got a customized die on it.

This die rolls over a depressed, flat surface that contains several of the female die features. You have to provide the metal or plastic or paper sheet to the machine from a roll or a spindle and they will pass through the rolling die and get cut and will be deposited on the other side of the machine.

By the time it is deposited on the other side, the metal or plastic will be cut or perforated with the design that you want on that material. So, if you have a die with the design of a flower, the metal sheet that is inserted will come out with that exact design of the flower.

The high-speed rotary die cutting tool has a very accurate anvil. This allows the precise cutting of the design and the user will have the power to control the depth and the type of cut that will result from the die. If the cutting material does not touch the fabrication liner, then the accuracy of the cut will be much higher.


Applications of high-speed rotary die cutting tool

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The fact that a high-speed rotary die cutting tool can also be used to cut plastic and paper has made it popular among many industries. You may have seen cardboard boxes, business envelopes, and tickets to have perforations on them, right? These are done by high-speed rotary die cutting tools.

One thing that the manufacturers have to keep in mind is that the material they insert into the machine to get the accurate cut should not be too rigid.

This can wear down or damage the steel of the die in the machine. It will be wise to use semi-rigid materials only. Even the metals that are used to get accurate designs are semi-rigid.

The uses of high-speed rotary die cutting tools are quite vast. Given below are some of the applications of this tool in various industries:

  • You must have seen crafty nameplates on the doors of your friends or relatives. This is one of the biggest examples where high-speed rotary die cutting tool is used. Most of the nameplates are made from steel plates. You will also see wooden name plates but apart from that, the ones that use steel nameplates are made with the help of a rotary die cutting tool. Since it requires precise cutting around the edges and sometimes in the middle of the plate, the use of a rotary die cutting tool becomes important.
  • Another industry that has made the most of rotary die cutting tools from rdmedicalproducts is the medical industry. There are a wide variety of medical applications this tool is used for. Cosmetic, cardiovascular, neurology, wound care, and skin adhesive wearables, just to name a few.
  • Membrane switches and switchboards also use rotary die cutting tools to get the right kind of cut. You must have seen many switches that look different from the ones that are used in many homes. They are very crafty and attractive. These switches and switchboards are made with the help of rotary die cutting tools. The plates that are used in these switchboards or switches are not very thick or rigid. So, the steel die is able to cut through them quite easily without getting damaged.


Benefits of using a rotary die cutting tool

Compared to all the other die cutting methods, the high-speed rotary die cutting tool is the most popular because of the multiple benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you should know:

  • It has the ability to incorporate inline packaging of almost all the die cut products.
  • You can use the rotary die cutting machine for various purposes such as kiss cutting, precise die cutting registration, lamination, and embossing.
  • The turnaround time of the final die cut product is very low compared to the other methods.
  • This tool is reliable, repeatable, and consistent.
  • The machine can be used to perform complex functions like multi-laminate island placement medical parts or for simpler purposes like making die cut labels. There are endless possibilities for which a high-speed rotary die cutting tool may be used and that is the beauty of this machine.

With so many benefits and applications, it is safe to say that the high-speed rotary die cutting tool will be the future for die cuttings. Manufacturers will soon choose this tool as the go-to machine for almost all the projects.