How To Choose UVP For Your New Business?

Choose UVP For Your New Business

December 13th, 2018   |   Updated on December 18th, 2018

Online businesses only have about 10 seconds to convince users that it’s worth it to stay on their page.

This is the time span a customer needs to read your UVP (or the Unique Value Proposition), absorb it, and decide if they like and understand it. If not, you’ve lost them, and they’re off to the competition, who probably managed to create a better UVP.

But what exactly is this UVP and why is it so important for your business?

Choose UVP For Your New Business

Put plainly, the UVP is the business’ offer towards the customer and needs to communicate three things:

  • How your service/product solves users’ problems (what you do);
  • The benefits it provides (who you do it for);
  • The element that makes you unique (why get it from you and not the competition).

The UVP is not your entire branding strategy. It’s more a statement that shows the value of a business and keeps users on the page long enough to get acquainted with the brand. Furthermore, each business idea should come with its own UVP – don’t recycle from one product to another!

Just to make an idea of how the UVP can retain users’ attention, have a look at the one featured by Apple MacBook Air: “Light. Years ahead.”

It’s clever, concise, and it takes about 2 seconds to read it and understand it. It highlights the product’s biggest feature (it’s lightweight) and it showcases that the technology used is highly-advanced (Years ahead).

Good UVP is About Visitors

Choose UVP For Your New Business_1

This statement is not about your business or your product/service – it’s about what users can get from the deal. This is why you should look for ideas in the real world while taking a good look at your audience’s preferences and needs.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What do people complain about when it comes to your niche?
  • What improvements are required by users in the products that already exist?
  • Is there something that can’t be acquired online, but users need?

Talk to people, read forums and search for solutions on social media – people talk about their needs constantly. You just have to listen and apply what you learn to your value proposition.

When it comes to listening to users, a good example of UVP comes from Awesome Screenshot. Their value proposition: “The easiest way to communicate with images”

Now, the tool is not something new on the market (it helps users take screenshots). However, their delivery is clear, direct, and easy to understand. Furthermore, they know people like to use images to communicate ideas and thoughts, but that is not always easy.

Using this clever UVP, they’re not just telling you that their tool’s job is to help you communicate with images, it also implies that it’s easy to do so.


How to Make a Killer UVP

Choose UVP For Your New Business_2

Starting an e-commerce business is not the easiest thing in the world, but when you have the right tools in your toolkit, the job becomes a lot smoother. Below we listed some tips and tricks that can be helpful in grabbing people’s attention the right way.


Speak in Customer’s Language

Language is the code we use to understand one another. But depending on the social background and region in which we grew up, language gets certain nuances and inflections that allows people with a similar upbringing to feel closer.

Therefore, when addressing a specific audience, make sure to use the language they will understand. For instance, if you are selling sporting goods, it won’t help boring people with long, snoring statements. Your clients are active people who don’t like wasting time reading boring stories!

Let’s have a look at Square’s UVP: “Start selling fast”

The language used is clear and direct, conveying exactly what the user needs. They don’t beat around the bush – the benefits, people who can use their product, and uniqueness of the idea are right there.


How Does It Look Like

Choose UVP For Your New Business_3

Given the examples we mentioned, you may think the value proposition is just a statement. While it is the best practice to have the definitory statement that conveys the entire UVP in under 10 seconds, the powerful headline is just the beginning.

You should also have the following elements:

  • A sub-headline that offers clarifications and supports the main headline;
  • A tagline under the logo because this is a highly visible spot and gets a lot of attention;
  • A bulleted list (short and concise) showcasing the benefits of using your product/service (use images, icons, and any other boosters that can help shorten the read);

All these elements should be placed on the homepage, above the page fold, so users won’t have to scroll to see the message.

A great example of a value proposition comes from Zoho Invoice. Their main headline reads: “Online invoicing software for small businesses.”

And then they use the homepage to shortly explain how their software can be of help, the benefits it provides, and why they’re worth it.


What Makes a Killer UVP?

Choose UVP For Your New Business_4

As it turns out, you only need a few elements to create a killer value proposition:

  • Clarity – The message needs to hit the bullseye in your target audience.
  • Simplicity – Just go back and read the UVP for MacBook Air; it’s simple and elegant – no fuss, no fluff.
  • Presentation – The way you deliver the value proposition is just as important as the message. So, make sure to use
    all the elements at your disposal to create a well-structured and airy presentation.
  • Value for the reader – this is a no-brainer since we’re talking about a value proposition.


Add Boosters

We live in a world where it’s extremely easy to go online and find several products that can help solve a problem. So how do you attract people on your page and convince them to buy your product when there’s nothing to stand you out from the crowd?

The solution is simple: your uniqueness! This basically means creating an offer that no one else has by adding boosters. Things like free shipping, a free eBook with the purchase, free service for a year – sometimes the little things are the ones to tip the balance in your favor.

You could also consider strategies such as Facebook re-marketing (see this guide from Hello Social). This targets people who have already visited your website and are more likely to be engaged with your adverts or promotions.”

Wrap Up

The unique value proposition is often overlooked as part of the conversion rate optimization, and this gives you the upper hand. By crafting a compelling message, clarifying the benefits, and finding the spark that makes your business unique, you have a wonderful chance to stand out in front of customers.

Just keep in mind it may take a while to get the handle on choosing the right UVP for your business. But, there’s always room for improvement, so keep searching!